Death's Gate Review

Death’s Gate Review

Death’s Gate Review

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What is it? A top-down Zelda adventure with a unique perspective.
Estimated payment: 20 USD/16.79 GBP
Developer: Acid nerve
Publisher: Runner Digital
Comment time: Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1070, Intel Core i7-9700 CPU, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game: No
Association: Official website

Think of the death gate as an imitation of the love of the greater Dark Souls universe. All the decorations are there: the stone-gray ruins of the dying kingdom, the wandering weirdos with dialogues in the setting of the scene, the gothic fonts whenever you encounter a boss wandering in their fortress. It was terrible, but also a little funny. An imminent overlord puts a novel cup on his desk. The afterlife is reshaped as a pencil-pushing bureaucracy. A professional class composed of various death gods complains about the boring work. Venture into the secret room of the first boss, and you will find that it is not a dragon or an undead monster, but a very angry grandmother. Death’s Gate has a low-risk sense of ease, and I started to appreciate it within 10 hours. At every turning point, the two-person studio Acid Nerve can find the best location.

The construction of the death gate is like an old Zelda game: the player controls a little crow in a diorama-like world, equipped with a sword and a dream, and shuttles through three dungeons to get prying open The McGoffin gateway for nominal necessities. In each level, the player will stumble upon an additional equipable weapon to help solve the puzzle in the maze.

These are all very standard things and can be as predictable as a great action adventure. I know without a doubt that after seeing all the stakes conspicuously scattered on the unreachable platform, the hook will become a reality, just as I know that all those broken patches on the wall will soon give way to an unlimited supply of bombs. . If you grew up in these games, then you are likely to be able to play Deathgate through marginal instincts.

(Image source: Acidic Nerve/Devolver Digital)

When a game is long enough to reach the theme, the real magic will be discovered.

Therefore, you need to clear those catacombs, kill the corresponding bosses, and complete a short finale. If this seems slight, then you are right! There are only four Zelda-style weapons to collect, and they are directly mapped to the arrow keys as soon as they are picked up. There is a businessman in the center world who provides some extremely light RPG character construction options.Basically, the player cashes in all… well, all soul They accumulate by killing enemies to enhance their attack power, dodge speed, or long-range ability. The dungeon itself feels slightly longer than the classic top-down caves of the past, but not much.

I spent a lot of time looking forward to the unexpected third act in “Death’s Gate”, where the power brokers asked for more tokens scattered around the ends of the world, and then they allowed me to see the end of the film. But no, the acidic nerve resists the pressure to fill it. What you see is what you get.

To be honest, after 150 hours of muddy in Assassin’s Creed games, and the escalating boss expansion from the FromSoftware assistant, I like the simplicity of Death’s Gate. It brings the action-adventure genre back to its foundation. You never need to do any intensive reading here; every obstacle can be solved by logical reasoning or pattern memory. It does not require you to master dozens of customized animations of different swords and sticks, nor does it require you to search for mysterious portals and their keys to spy on each area (the painted world of Ariamis by Dark Souls). The music revolves around a gorgeous piano chorus. The more hypnotic the chorus will be as you immerse yourself in the rhythm of Death’s Gate. When a game is long enough to reach the theme, the real magic will be discovered.

(Image source: Acidic Nerve/Devolver Digital)

Death’s Gate can be a difficult game, some of its later parts will throw an entire army on your little crow’s path. But attack and evasion can be linked together smoothly, and many of my restarts don’t feel particularly cheap. If there is more boom above the standard rolling and slash battle, it won’t be hurt, but the system works. In fact, I was almost surprised at the level of violence at Death’s Gate. Every time the steel is connected to the flesh, the controller emits a sour nerve, and the idiot ragdoll falls to the ground like a professional wrestler. No one is lucky enough to die in the dense smoke.

This sublime is only undermined by some problems. Death’s Gate does not match the perfect level design protected by Nintendo’s think tank, which means I spent several parts renovating the corridor over and over again, trying to find the last key to unlock the next encounter or something. This is one of the ancient sufferings associated with this genre. For games that focus on efficiency, too much backtracking can indeed make the ball lose its vitality. (Worse, no map can be found in any of the dungeons.) The checkpoint at Death’s Gate is wise—it works fine for me—but nothing prevents you from rushing past your previous run. All enemies dispatched in corpserun, which makes corpserun a bit pointless. Either punish me severely, or rebirth where I died! I promise you, I can bear it.

(Image source: Acidic Nerve/Devolver Digital)

But, other than that, Death’s Gate feels like a microscopic epic. It’s like a magnificent classic — full of quirks, humor, and amazing attention to detail — miraculously shrunk to fit the two-week lunch break. Perhaps the great legends of video games do not need to be scattered among huge level caps and huge open worlds. Maybe it just needs a detached atmosphere.

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