EFootball 2022 review

EFootball 2022 review

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What is it? F2P successor to PES.
Expect to pay free
Developer Konami Digital Entertainment
Publisher Konami
Review date i7 9700K, 16GB RAM, RTX 1080 TI
multiplayer game? Online, local
Associate Official website

You may have heard of eFootball 2022 from the following: the disastrous Steam release in history. Content is scarce. Terrible mistakes, rough online games, overwhelming negative reviews, the demise of franchise rights. Sadly, this year can describe the brave foil of FIFA’s micro-transaction behemoth very accurately in all these aspects.

The problem is that it does not play That Bad football game. Somewhere under the rubble, there is a good football simulation game waiting to be pulled out.

The idea behind this strange and totally unwise release is that Konami releases bare bones on the first day and then puts some meat on them in future patches. The shell of the game is free, and a “premium player pack” is provided on Steam at a price of £31, which adds game currency and “opportunity trading”-two mode mechanisms that do not currently exist. They are used for patterns planned in future updates.

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In this free version, we have nine licensed domestic clubs that can participate in the exhibition matches. There are also four Serie A teams and Zenit St. Petersburg. They can only be selected in the partner club online challenge mode. It will change, plus the Portuguese and Argentine national teams have appeared once in the tutorial game of the game and will never be found again. Completing this online challenge will reward you with virtual currency that is currently unavailable.

Completing this online challenge will reward you with virtual currency that is currently unavailable

Friends, this is eFootball 2022 in its current state. Confusing. Some people say it’s like a demo, but it’s not actually the case-the demo provides free samples of the complete product that can be purchased. That is all for now.

There are plans to launch a lot of content, the first of which will expire on November 11, and the addition of a creative team-think about FUT in PES clothing-will cost £34. The developers also introduced a patch to resolve some of the most destructive bugs, network code jitters, and animation incidents. The visual errors reported by many players on the release day were not in my experience-either through fixes or luck. In any case, if someone wants to buy that creative team package, they must provide more.

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How did this happen? It started with a decision on paper. Last year, the eFootball 2022 team abandoned the full version and chose “season update”, that is, simply update the team and players based on real-world transfers, so as to give yourself breathing space and make virtual football a big step forward. .

The emergence of new consoles will allow the team to break some fidelity boundaries, and the PC version will also enjoy this boundary. For years, we’ve been saying that in the throes we have most impressed with Michael Pachter, isn’t it: the 2019 franchise should skip a year and do something that is really worth playing next year .

Obviously, it actually takes longer to achieve. Leaving aside the weird lack of long format mode, there are no animations or even kicks in the current version. It is planned to be done later. An update that adds more kicks. This cannot lift the veil of PES’s successor.

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It is now running in Unreal Engine, and perhaps the major task of engine migration explains the errors and strange collisions that distinguish eFootball 2022 from its predecessors. Some people accuse the grass of now looking like plastic, and players looking like haunted wax dolls-your mileage may vary. In the eyes of this critic, the stadium, the crowd and the surface of the stadium look better than ever. Players do have a disturbing sheen to them, although this detracts from facial scans, and when arguing with referees or shaking around like gravel after standing tackles in a goat simulator, they act in a strange way Express their facial expressions.

It is slow and cumbersome, sometimes even to the point of clumsiness and frustration, but its forensic dribbling is also impressive

On this point: There is some ungodliness about collisions. If Isaac Newton was in the stands, he would shed tears, and the basic cunning would only be aggravated by the improved pace system, which often makes players crash at full speed.

But I am not ready to give it up.Even though I have been playing Naples Only Naples In partner club mode for several hours, even if I keep going back to the main menu, the terrible main menu, and click on the gray icon to make sure no, this is really…I’m not ready to give up on going up.

(Image source: Konami)

Because I can see its football intentions. It is slow and cumbersome, sometimes even to the point of clumsiness and frustration, but its forensic dribbling is also impressive. The sprint has been redesigned to reward dexterous taps instead of holding down the button to defeat the defender. You can wrongly defend the defender by changing the pace and direction of your kick each time, and pull out a very satisfying slash by removing the analog stick from the player and tapping the sprint. In these moments, a Bayern defender hovers behind you desperately, and you will feel the rarest feeling: as if the player and the ball are separate entities.

This attention to the details of one-on-one battles may at least lead to fascinating online duels. If it weren’t for the terrible collision, we might have some really tense and subtle games on the journey-in this way through the defender, lowering the shoulders to create space, creating opportunities from three perfectly judged touches. Occasionally, it is actually very exciting.

It needs the help of passing and the little miracles of artificial intelligence to make this happen more. Currently, the ground pass seems to be glazed in syrup, and it takes almost no time to lay the ball flat across the width of the court with a tall pass. But the real problem is the behavior of the team’s AI. As they did in PES, players on both sides would fall asleep and watch the ball move long distances like an annoying passive bastard, because the game simply determines the (distant) player to receive it. The defenders are entangled with each other as if they are all made of unbaked pretzel dough, and no one seems to be 100% aware of the tactical system you use-not enough to match your squad attributes The reward, of course.

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And all of this can be avoided. Because what we are playing now is actually just a public beta, accompanied by a public relations disaster. If the current version is provided to us as a beta version, we may be worried about the final release of eFootball 2022, but we will not abandon the entire prospect and throw it on the once smoldering bonfire in no one’s deep sky.

I like sprint control, but another model of £34 feels almost like charity

Just like Baddiel and Skinner in 1998, I still believe. There is a lot of work to be done on the mechanical side, but previous PES games have achieved huge changes on the court through data packets. As the aforementioned Hello Games legend tells us, after such a PR storm, the studio has no choice but to continuously inject resources and updates into their games, until people quietly decide, even a few years later. , They actually like it very much now.

It feels that there are cafes everywhere in a certain cafe, and the previous updated prices are being hurriedly revised. Of course, I like sprint control, but another model of £34 feels almost like charity.

Our best hope is that eFootball 2022 will be a late bloomer, because although there are indeed some things worth saving here, there is currently no reason to install it.

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