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What is it? The official video game of the 2021 Formula One World Championship.
Expect to pay 60 USD/50 GBP
Developer Code manager
Publisher EA
Review date Core i7, Geforce RTX 2070, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? 2 people are offline, up to 22 people are online
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Without answering my mother’s call, it is hard to imagine what made F1 2020 last year more comprehensive. So F1 2021 does increase your mother’s phone number. This is all part of the 6-hour story mode, in which you will play two drivers from one of the lower F1 teams, struggling in a tricky teammate competition, and Devon Butler (Devon Butler) An ever-present threat, you may remember a short story part of a fictional driver from F1 2019. Review: He is a bastard, you will want to beat him.

But this is exactly why this model is needed. The competition system always adds interest to racing games, and the differences brought about by certain personalities are amazing. You may have arranged enough positions to continue the story, but when Butler was only 2.3 seconds on the road, the motivation to speed up was compelling.

The performance in the CG cutscenes is actually quite good, especially when it comes to the older of the two teammates. Although the beat of the story is completely predictable and the plot is also very interesting, the content of the game is richer. It will also respond reasonably to your actions, and fictional social networks will notice when you win or defeat your opponent, which in a way makes the universe more believable. However, it is challenging, even the second of the three difficulty levels is difficult enough for most people, although when you concentrate and drive your soul through about 11 laps at a time, It will bring some exciting and exhausting games.

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In addition to the story mode, my team is back, allowing you to form a new F1 team from the ground up, choose your uniforms and sponsors, and build your R&D department to focus on the areas that you think are best for you. Although the classic cars have been removed from this year’s race, if you choose to use these classic drivers, such as Senna, Prost, Nico Rosberg and David Coulthard, you can compete for your team -And affordable. It feels good.

The R&D tree has been simplified a bit, and so has the practice course-now the R&D target per game has been reduced from five to three. You can also play a game of chance to secure R&D points without actually driving on the track in each event, which is welcome, although practice before the game is still beneficial.

The ebb and flow of the game is very realistic. The weather cycle first appears in the sky and then on the track, allowing you to decide on a tire strategy. A competitor’s car crashed off the screen and brought out the safety car, and various technical problems may occur, including being stuck in 4th gear. Of course, if you change the gearbox before the race, it may not happen. But managing a problem and still dominating will produce some incredibly satisfying gameplay.

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The control model has been adjusted based on feedback from real drivers, so it is more realistic than it was a few years ago. It’s still not as free as the PC-only racing simulation game, but if you turn down the traction control, the car performs well and has a lot of “too much power” feeling. The car is still as tactical as ever, thanks to the Overtake button as a turbocharger, which provides you with a battery full of acceleration energy, which you must manage during the race-this is due to the fuel level and tire degradation On the basis of. This is a brain experience, but if you just want to keep accelerating and turning around corners, you can disable all of them. It still looks and sounds great.

The ebb and flow of the game is very realistic

Speaking of which, as long as you stick to 1080p, the game will run very well even on modern hardware. On the Nvidia RTX 2070, even if ray tracing is turned on and all wet weather effects are working, the game still runs at 1080p over 50fps. 4K requires too much of everything on Ultra, down to about 22fps, but the image quality at this resolution is very good, so if your equipment can handle it, turn it up. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the great experience of 1080p-and without ray tracing, it doesn’t look much different, so if you can’t help it, don’t think it is a must.

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Another new feature this year is the opportunity to download real statistics for the 2021 season and start your season from any game that has already happened. You really have to play as a fictional driver, but nothing can stop you from calling yourself Max Verstappen and sticking it to Hamilton in Baku to disappoint the Red Bull driver so spectacularly after real life. The weather pattern of these games is different from the real world, but you are welcome to have the opportunity to change the real ranking.

Online will see e-sports tournaments later this year, and you can enjoy the usual online matches, although now you can solve the entire career model with friends via the Internet. You can choose to stay on the same team and therefore go as a package to wherever the leading player signs, or you can play at the same time and play for different teams, and possibly join at some point. Either way, it will greatly please some players.

At the expense of other side modes we’ve seen in the past, many details have been injected into the core game mode, but it doesn’t matter. There are also F2 matches in the 2020 season. If chasing time is your burden, the online time attacking the leaderboard will keep you entertained in the coming months. Codemasters is currently unable to do anything, but it is clear that the team’s EA acquisition makes its future plans even more ambitious. Until then, this will do well. Call your mother now.

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