FIFA 22 reviews

FIFA 22 reviews


In the depths of the blockade, there is no football. Time, according to the way many of us calculate it, has stopped. Listless, I bought FIFA 20 to complete this season.When i score Camera shake Just like at Anfield, I really cried with joy. Obviously, it was a strange period, but this is FIFA Has its disposal. If you love football, regardless of color or style, FIFA 22 should be a part of your life.

FIFA 22 reproduces all the special features of people’s favorite complex pastimes, as well as its greed and superficiality. The way the game succeeds and fails is the same as sports, nothing can summarize this like FIFA Ultimate Team.If, like the desperate Spanish club chairman, bypass the existing league structure and form your own Galaxy Is your dream, and then FUT provides: at a favorable price.

Through hooks—slow training—or through scammers—real world money may or may not give you the best players—create a team of goats, then challenge the world to make your chosen stadium look More and more like a neon light thunder dome. There are returning greats, seasons, experience points, achievements and a new elite department. All kinds of incentives are there. This is interesting, but you will soon notice that progress and actual progress are the tip of the iceberg.

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In addition, I think the idea that FUT has no cost is naive. This is a loot box economy, and more and more studies have shown that there is a verifiable link between loot boxes and problem gambling. The government’s circling on this issue is not particularly noteworthy, because when it comes to video games, they don’t use moral panic. FUT is not the only loot box game in town, although it is clearly the largest and most profitable. It is the influence of FIFA—with 31 million FIFA 21 players and ages three and older—that makes any harmful effects significant.

You might like FUT. You may never spend any extra money-78% of FIFA players do not, 80% of FIFA players play FUT-but someone is paying your share of EA’s 2020-2021 USD 1.62 billion Ultimate Team revenue, if The research data is accurate to say that 5% of people are responsible for 50% of all FUT income. If any of these people pay more than they can afford, that would be too much for me.

Even if I am patient, I cannot enjoy “free” services funded by a few people. They may be vulnerable to mechanisms and currently lack the protections provided by gambling legislation—for example, age restrictions and UK advertising regulations. Therefore, due to its function, I cannot recommend FUT.Stop playing

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The scores below reflect this, but fortunately, FIFA 22 without FUT is rich in content and very delicious. Volta has more content. This is a tricky street football option with a new story mode and some new lively and chaotic party games on weekends. There are professional clubs where you can play cooperative games with up to 11 friends. There are quick kick-off games, house rules mode, skill games, dozens of replicable tournaments and international competitions. In fact, it’s true for everyone, even those in the UEFA Super League whose packaging no longer exists. I have been for forty-five hours, and I barely touch the surface.

We didn’t get the HyperMotion technology that appeared on next-generation game consoles. In principle, I was angry, and it was not applicable to top PC systems, even though I didn’t notice it at first. FIFA games look and play great-span the space between TV viewers and participants, just like you do there, but very talented-even with very few graphics settings, and sometimes it’s on Ultra The edges look a little fuzzy.

We did not get the HyperMotion technology that appeared on the next-generation game consoles. In principle, I am very angry, and it does not apply to top PC systems.

In this case, I focused too much on the slower and therefore more realistic game rhythm, instead of looking for improved movement fluency. It’s like running in syrup at first, but you will adjust and the goalkeeper is obviously better, at least until the next update and rethinking. Once this situation disappears, it is obvious that this is another game in a new jersey, with almost no obvious adjustments. This is tolerable because it is still much better than Konami’s PES successor, eFootball, and I find it a mess. Although the flaws of FIFA 22 are numerous, they are still insignificant.

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Then there are two career models, which have been largely ignored for a few years and finally got the love of some people. The bad relationship, the player career model, is undergoing a welcome upgrade to its system. Bring a young man with potential to play his career-this is still limited to men’s games-or give them your face, let them start in your hometown club, and use their amazing skills to make them world-class player of. There is still no story mode like The Journey, but it is best to have a narrative created by the player and mainly in your own head. Now there are skill points and perks, and a skill tree to train your players to match your game style. You earn XP by completing huge floating goals, so that the whole process is not so obscure.

The new locker room animation should be scary, but watching you sit quietly, holding a trophy for the best player, and nodding shyly to admit someone else is pretty beautiful. This may not be the case after the 100th watch, but you can check statistics here and understand why you were eliminated. You will have a chance to get redemption from the bench, because substitutions on the field will eventually appear in the game, and there is also an effective and fair transfer system.

You can also create your own club with your own equipment, stadium, carols, and flags, just like the cooperative professional club model, but this is a painful walled garden limited to some fancy but unimaginative choices. This cookie-cutter approach is hard to excite. You can’t let Richie satisfy the ball club. I tried.

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The manager career model also received some new bells and whistles, and the results were mixed. The new negotiation animation made me cringe a bit, but press conferences like Telltale Adventures worked better. It’s still not a football manager, and it shouldn’t be, but it’s deep enough to be an enjoyable challenge. However, after you are ready, you can still play the game, and you have no choice but to watch. Your skills or lack of skills will negate all the work you do. There is a top-down simulation game, but it is difficult to see the rapid development of the mode, the simulation game will always be lost. FIFA can have a great time on its own, so it’s weird to insist on your participation.

The question of whether this iteration requires you to buy is almost meaningless. If you have played any FIFA recently, you will find that this is the same game, but you will want those quality of life improvements and small incremental updates, new jerseys and teams. If you want to maintain this illusion of reality, there is no competition, because eFootball has an incomplete set of club licenses and there is great hope, but so far it has provided very little. If you are fascinated by FUT, you will want to have the brightest, newest things and the largest player base. I can name a hundred ways that can be improved. I think we deserve more, and sometimes it seems to me like a generous DLC for a game I own, or every time I need a subscription from scratch, the price feels high. But these are my ways of rationalizing myself. I am not going to let the ship leave me.

If you are a novice or a football fan, I would recommend you to join without hesitation. It is gentle on the simplest difficulty, and if you can postpone the potential damage in a multiplayer game before you are ready, then the challenge can be improved with damaging but satisfying steps. Ignore the noise and defects, you can weave a vibrant story about success, survival or failure, because this is the true meaning of football. There is nothing more appropriate than cutting a ball at the near post and pushing the ball away to the fans behind the goal, like that amazing 7-a-side game you once had, but over and over again, with trophy shots Light up the humiliation of the real world for decades, in front of millions of people, you have earned it yourself.

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