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Gamedec comments


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What is it? Cyberpunk role-playing game where you are a gamer/detective

Developer Anshar Studio

Publisher Ansha Publishing House

release Come out now

Review date GTX 1080 Ti, Intel i7-8086K, 16GB RAM

multiplayer game? No

Associate Official website

In the days before the Internet became popular, game players who were struggling sometimes called the tip hotline for some life-saving advice. In particular, Nintendo’s “game consultant” has an almost fabulous status and a performance that every child dreams of. The reality is not so impressive, nor so glamorous, but the idealized version—encyclopedia of game knowledge, complete Battletoads blindfolded, and possibly a sweet leather duster—still exists in Gamedec, There they act as restorers of the virtual world.

In the gloomy dystopian city of Warsaw in the 22nd century, VR is not just a novelty. People spend their time in their digital realm, cultivate crops in free game time or fight on fantasy battlefields. When something goes wrong, the offspring of the game consultant, nominally gamedecs, will receive a call. With their professional skills, they can help players in trouble, track down loopholes, and occasionally solve very real murders. I always knew that playing a lot of adventure games would make me an excellent detective.

Most childhood fantasies of RPG trading have long been established, but Gamedec’s setting is a more modern wish-fulfilling brand. You are a very good game player, you can jump between solving problems, solving crimes and making a lot of cash in the virtual world. This is stupid, but also very grounded, creating a network of themes and crises that feels more relevant than any demonic or alien invasion.

(Image source: Anshar Studio)

When I woke up in my apartment, the first thing I did was to check the hangar in my favorite space simulation and complain about not being able to afford a new ship. It is also offline for maintenance. typical! I looked at the drone advertisement outside the window-I can make them angry with the right technique-and felt sorry for my lack of funds, and then sipped some of the vodka that the brand gave me, expecting that I would mention it on social media superior. Contrary to my better judgment, I chose “infotainer” as my first career, which gave me a reputation on the Internet.

Contrary to my better judgment, I chose “infotainer” as my first career, which gave me a reputation on the Internet.

Although you can only act as a game character, each game character has a life beyond performance, another profession, opening up new action and dialogue options, and helping to solve the case. These are your skills. As an information publisher, I will show off and use my fame and unreal charm to impress my fans and make them more likely to be questioned. Infotainers also has other skills and expertise that comes in handy in an astonishing number of situations. Through skill checks, I can make the most of my online star status.

You will not be bound by a certain profession. The way you behave, even in a one-time conversation, can earn you points for four different personality types, which can then be used to unlock new or higher-level occupations. When I finished my work at Gamedec, I had unlocked all celebrity-themed careers, as well as most other trees, which made me equally dexterous in hacking, medicine, and shocking.

(Image source: Anshar Studio)

This is an intuitive system, your role-playing style is reflected in the skills you can acquire, but there are no tutorials and tooltips-I still added tutorials at the beginning, but now in the game-means I missed the key The context, including during role creation, requires several restarts. However, the bigger problem is the lack of consistency, and the game sometimes makes arbitrary calls that are incomprehensible.

Look, each of the four personality types is composed of eight thematic aspects, such as logic, empathy, and determination, and by making decisions to increase these aspects, you can earn new points and unlock majors. I have noticed that the aspect of seemingly unrelated actions will rise a few times. However, although I have always chosen the most calm, Zen, and gentle option, it did not increase my calm state.

This is naturally a problem for games that tout their extreme reactivity. And it is very adaptable. Based on past relationships, occupations, and easily missed clues, everything can develop in completely different directions from the entire case to casual chats. And these are only visible things-there are many things happening behind them. Many times it does respond in a reasonable way, but sometimes it is difficult to connect all the different clues together. This can eventually lead to other weird things, such as the character’s response to you as if you said something completely different, or no response at all.

(Image source: Anshar Studio)

It is also very difficult to keep track of all these things by yourself. The manuscript, your huge knowledge database, is an unintuitive mess. It does not provide you with useful and easy-to-analyze detailed information about the people you meet and where you go. It is based on interviews, conversations, and advertisements. And present everything in the form of an excerpt from an encyclopedia. It is usually functional, and you have to sift through a lot of trash to find the important things. If this is just a covered legend, it is easy to be overlooked, but Gamedec is a detective role-playing game, so all these extra details may be crucial to understanding the case.

These cases are more unusual than the typical RPG fare. A missing person trapped in a fetish-based digital world, a group of virtual farmers exploited in free games, and an MMO tribe that has grown into a huge cult-they all use traditional mysterious elements and then bring them to life Unexpectedly, connect things such as game monetization and explore concepts such as digital self-discovery.

The act of actually solving the mystery is also one of the best examples of great adventure game design. By exploring these virtual realms and conducting detective work, you will discover clues and draw all possible inferences. You will never be clearly told whether you can trust the clues completely, and you can make terrible inferences at will without judgment. It is impossible to find every clue, but it is also impossible to get stuck. If you cannot solve one part of the mystery, you still have the skills that will allow you to solve the other parts, and hopefully draw a satisfactory conclusion.

(Image source: Anshar Studio)

But sometimes, you may end up having to choose an inference that you know is wrong because you haven’t found more clues, but you still need to move on. Deductive menus also don’t always provide context as freely as it might be, which makes it difficult to see how everything fits together. Important clues, and even the inferences themselves, are often accompanied by a single sentence description.

Although these cases are creative and highly conceptualized, unfortunately, they can never find a suitable text.

Since most cases occur in VR, the solution to the problem is very peculiar. You can attack others while talking to others, use your contacts to provide you with premium currency for you to wander around or use loopholes to bypass obstacles. You can also kill or be killed yourself, although there is no independent combat system, and death in VR only means that you are reborn at the entrance of the area, allowing you to quickly return to interrogate the unicorn troll or dig the loot box. Get bribes.

Although these cases are creative and highly conceptualized, unfortunately, they can never find a suitable text. There is no truly recognizable style or tone. For every bit of confident prose, there are paragraphs full of typos and awkward, blunt conversations. Some of these may boil down to hurried English translations, which were still incomplete during my review. In most cases, this meant that I had to skip some Polish grammar entries, but on a few occasions, I couldn’t make progress without the help of the Polish-English dictionary.

(Image source: Anshar Studio)

I found myself wishing it had more to say. Although it discusses timely and complex issues, it just floats on the surface, and is more about tourism than criticism. And these themes were soon included in general, more traditional science fiction plots. Throughout the first half of the game, you will begin to see the connection between your cases, a mystery in a mystery, but when this mystery is revealed, Gamedec mostly abandoned its detective arrogance and began to move A climax of disappointment.

It actually becomes a different game. First, it puts you in an MMO where you can only perform so many operations before the end of the day, basically giving you a time limit. What counts as an action? Who the hell knows? Gamedec definitely won’t. Sometimes they are marked, sometimes they are not. It spares no effort to make you bored with the action, wasting the time that could have been used to solve the case. This part is full of busy work and rote tasks. It is a copy of the mobile MMO, not an imitation.

From there it completely loses its way, dragging you through multiple worlds in rapid succession, where your freedom is greatly restricted. You still face various choices, but you are mainly reacting to the obstacles that the game poses to you, rather than getting caught up in some fascinating free-form investigations. There is a brief proxy spark, but then you are pulled to the next point. Considering how short it is compared to most RPGs—you can complete it in 10-15 hours—the changes in rhythm and focus are even harsher.

(Image source: Anshar Studio)

When I found myself playing a game of dinosaur hunting, I was hopeful, but I stayed there for a full 10 minutes, most of which was taken up by script sequences. I must see a dinosaur. It’s dead. “Maybe I can perform an autopsy on it,” I prayed. No such luck. Using a strange case as a VR super detective is a seductive fantasy at the core of the game, and the hooks that make up for its many rough edges, so Gamedec’s biggest mystery may be why it turned in another direction.

Mistakes asking me to play the worst parts of Gamedec again did not help, although they are by no means limited to the lower part. There are failed missions, dialogues that always trap you in a dialog box, animations that keep you trapped in mid-air, characters you can’t interact with but are still told to be interrogated-I learned to save often and quickly.

Gamedec has a lot of hope, but the fulcrum of errors, inconsistencies, and discord makes it feel rushed and confused. What’s even more disappointing is that it is obvious that there is a great game somewhere here, but it was not completed.

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