hell let loose review

Hell Indulgence Review

Hell Indulgence Review

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What is it? Large military FPS.
Expect to pay 40 USD
Developer Substantia nigra
Publisher 17 teams
release Come out now
Review date RTX 2060, Ryzen 5 2600 3.4GHz, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? Competition for up to 100 players

Hell Let Loose is a game that convinced me that we are in the golden age of multiplayer FPS. No matter what kind of first-person shooter you like, there may be an excellent game that can meet your specific needs. For fans of military simulation games, Hell Let Loose is one of them. Just like the previous Squad, it answers the question: “What if there is a real hardcore battlefield?”

The main game mode is basically a large-scale Rush game, where one team pushes another team to defend, but you can’t respawn on teammates every time you die. You can only respawn in outposts placed by the squad leader or in large fortresses that must be built from scratch. Let the enemy occupy your garrison and you will be forced to run a kilometer back to fight.Yes, it is That A game.

It is also the kind of game that can be killed by a bullet or two, although it sounds cruel. I often die before I even know where the bullet came from, and resurrection is only possible if there is a doctor around (usually not).

If you have been in Squad or Insurgency for a while, lethality will be familiar, but when almost everyone carries a WW2 era bolt rifle, the dynamics will change significantly. Most courses can’t just spray and pray in fully automatic mode, so every shot and travel time and bullet drops must be carefully considered.

If you have played Squad or its WW2 derivative game Post Scriptum, Hell Let Loose’s emphasis on teamwork, rebirth management and vehicles will immediately become meaningful.

However, it is crucial that Black Matter simplifies most of the logistical mechanisms that can cause difficulties for the 90-minute team game. It is much faster to build a fortress that the entire team can regenerate, and it only takes half the work like a team. Building materials and ammunition do not have to be manually loaded into trucks and transported somewhere. On the contrary, certain classes can set nodes to automatically produce resources for the entire team, similar to a real-time strategy game.

On the one hand, I appreciate that these simplifications make Hell Let Loose more accessible. You can jump into almost any course and master things quickly, which is great. On the other hand, Squad’s indestructible logistics strategy is an important part of its charm. When you can spend a whole game supplying your teammates, you are really a small gear on a big machine. Hell Let Loose is mostly just fights, which is also good for me.

The devil in the details

My main fault is the sound. In the dozens of hours from Squad, part of the immersion of the game is to fill my ears with extremely loud guns, tank fires and explosive ammunition. When everything is adjusted correctly, the sound of the gun should be so loud that I cannot hear my teammates over the radio. This is where Hell Let Loose is a bit flat. No matter how I mess up the audio slider, the volume of the game will not reach the level I like.

Some of it boils down to the sound effects Black Matter chose for its WWII Kar98, M1 Garand and MP40 arsenal.Ironically, one of the most disappointing moments in Hell Let Loose is when the bullet just only miss me.

I have heard a lot of “hiss” and “pop”, but Hell Let Loose doesn’t have the intimidating “crack” you hear when a bullet pierces the sound barrier next to your face. The standard rifle sounds of all three playable factions (United States, Germany, and Russia) sound more like subwoofers than harsh screams. This is a cool effect in itself, but the noise does not spread well in the distance. Hearing the scream of Kar98 in the distance in Hell Let Loose never made my hair stand up like a gun in Hunt: Showdown or Squad.

I know that I am using ultra-specific audio preferences to fine-tune my hair, but my fun in Milsims does boil down to details. I certainly wouldn’t run to the frontline for a kilometer or be sniped from random bushes, because I want a perfectly balanced, symmetrical competitive shooting game-I want to concentrate on how overwhelming a real battle is (and not balance).

The performance of Hell Let Loose is similar to other similar battlefield milsims, but it is also very similar to some other longer-lived games, I am not sure whether the niche audience can support them. I think Squad will continue to be the milsim I come back every few months, but if direct WW2 action is what I am after, then Hell Let Loose is a worthwhile choice.

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