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Last stop comment

Last stop comment


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What is it? A magical realism adventure game set in London.
Expect to pay To be determined
Developer Variable status
Publisher Annapurna Interactive
Review date RTX 2080 Super, Intel i7-9700K, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game not any
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Last Stop is a game about extraordinary things that happen to ordinary people. It takes the streets of London as the background and tells four distinct characters whose ordinary lives are suddenly touched by supernatural phenomena. This is an alternative combination of ordinary and wonderful. The first minute you are making a cup of tea, the next minute you are passing through a portal into another dimension. This is also one of the most realistic portrayals of the UK that I have seen in video games-a realistic, low-key environment that makes the moments when things become magical seem extraordinarily incredible.

Developed by Variable State, Variable State is the studio behind the minimalist detective adventure Virginia, and Last Stop is a linear, tightly scripted narrative game. You tell the characters what to say in the conversation, and occasionally let them go through the carefully choreographed scenes, not the others.In this sense, as game, Its scope is very limited. Interaction is minimal, and in most cases, basically meaningless-so much so that I wish I could sit down and enjoy the story without having to lift up the controller and pointlessly rotate the analog stick to make a character from the bowl Scoop out a spoon of cereal.

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There is a feeling of an anthology at the last stop, telling three loosely connected stories that finally intersect in the last chapter. The story of John and Jack is the most interesting, like a stupid plot in “Twilight”. John is a middle-aged single father with a heart attack, and he works as a civil servant that he hates. Jack, in his twenties, is an optimistic and fitness-loving video game developer. Because they were too complicated to enter, their brains were swapped. The couple accepted this, tried to live each other’s lives, and looked for a way to restore their bodies, which was the source of some great comedies. But it also hits some powerful emotional beats, especially when it comes to John’s health and his daughter.

At the same time, schoolgirl Donna and her friends followed a mysterious man to an abandoned swimming pool, discovered that he had inexplicable supernatural abilities, and detained him after an unfortunate incident involving his head and lead pipe. hostage. This story is not that compelling. I have never been clear why they tied this man up, or what they plan to do to him. But Donna’s relationship and family troubles are more interesting and relevant. Aside from strange magic, Last Stop is good at telling short stories that feel real and natural. I am sincerely devoted to Donna’s unrequited love and her anxiety about her mother’s illness.

Last Stop is good at telling real and natural stories.

Meena is the most extraordinary member of the group. She is a former soldier who works for a technology company and has a lucrative contract to provide robots to the military. But this aspect of her life that I like is not the main focus of her story—on the contrary, her extramarital affairs with the doctor accounted for the majority. You must lead her through a rough marriage, a son who wants her to be with her, and a young upstart who is competing for her job. Mina is the best character: she is strong, cynical, conceited, selfish, and mostly unapologetic. It is refreshing (and surprising) to play such a ferocious, flawed, and sexually autonomous elderly woman in a video game.

When these three stories finally collide, the tone of Last Stop changes so drastically that you will wonder if you are playing the same game. The wild final chapter is definitely a pleasant and unexpected ending, but so weird that I can’t help feeling that it slightly downplays the subtle and sincere drama that led to it. The last stop ultimately failed to strike an elegant balance between the more far-fetched elements in the story and the interesting human group at the center of everything. But despite these reservations, I have been thinking about this story ever since I finished it and the credits rolled over. I really like these characters.

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I just wish there was more. The QTE-style interaction feels awkward. I never felt that I was actually controlling the character—it just triggered the next preset animation. Whether you tap the bumper to sprint or spin a wooden stick to stir a cup of tea, the interaction is not tactile. Convincing, cluttered environments look great, but you never have the opportunity to explore them to dig out more details about the story or the characters. Jack’s bedroom is full of things I want to read and pick up, but all I can do is go to the next scene trigger dutifully. This makes the world feel disappointingly static, although it is full of keenly observed details that are especially familiar to people who have lived in the UK.

In terms of the mechanisms that support everything, Last Stop is one of the most unsatisfactory narrative games I have ever played. Even compared to the earlier Telltale games, it is really basic, where you at least have the opportunity to sniff in the environment for extra flavor. But everything else-fascinating plot, stylish performance, natural dubbing, lively direction, beautiful orchestral score-is great. So this is a tough one, really. If you expect your actions to affect interactive, malleable narratives, then you will be disappointed. However, if you are just happy to hear an interesting story depicting contemporary London in realism with a little spooky magic, then there is a lot to love here. Prepare for that ending.

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