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Lemnes Gate Review

Lemnes Gate Review


The recent wave of games designed around the time loop mechanism revealed a simple fact: timefuckery is cool, it makes you feel smart, and video games are intertwined with the concept of perpetual death and are the perfect medium to explore it.

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What is it? Multiplayer FPS with unique time loop mechanism
Estimated payment: 20 USD/16 GBP (Xbox Game Pass is free)
Developer: Ratloop Games Canada
Publisher: Frontier Foundry
Comment time: Ryzen 7 5800H, Nvidia GeForce 3070 (mobile), 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? Multiplayer games only

Lemnis Gate removes the dust from the old-fashioned arena shooting game frame and layered it with an excellent time loop concept. Each game consists of five overlapping 25-second rounds. For each round, you choose a unique agent to perform the mission-this may be a change to the classic deathmatch, dominance, attack and defense modes, or grab spheres from around the map and transport them back to you Base.

But this is a turning point in time: each round-may be played at the same time as your opponent, or it may be turn-based, depending on the type of game you line up-the previous rounds of the game between you and your opponent will be played in a loop. So at the end of the game, you and your enemies ran around in the past four versions and dutifully stuck on the path you set for them.

The key to victory is to prevent the enemy’s past cyclers from executing their goals while protecting your goals (this is enhanced in the synchronized mode where you and your enemy move at the same time-imagine a simultaneous chess move with someone! ).The most obvious way to disrupt the enemy is of course to shoot them, but things become a lot of More interesting than that.

(Image source: Ratloop Games)

Cultural and Creative

Between rounds and during the opponent’s round, you can use the observation drone to fly freely on the map. This is not some stupid downtime, but a critical planning stage. You can use drones to track particularly destructive enemies, or mark enemy bottlenecks so that you can launch a rocket when it’s your turn.

With the occurrence of the previous rounds, each round has become more busy and chaotic, and Lemnis Gate’s tactics have become very tense. By the end of the round, you feel like you are the master of the game. Learn more about how the enemy will run from a certain door six seconds after the start of the game, so you can leave a mine there for him to look forward to He is inevitable. Of course, as you play, your opponents will also plan their way to victory, and will definitely see opportunities you didn’t see.

Each new round is a new puzzle. For example, are you trying to shoot a sniper who is destined to kill a Tracer-like speeder who can reach the target before others? Or would it be smarter to use the robot Carl in the final round to throw a protective cover bubble around your past fast selves to prevent game-changing bullets from reaching their destination?

You can only deploy each character once per game. (Image source: Ratloop Games)

Like chess, a lot of satisfaction and strategy lies in choosing the right pieces for the right moves. I like to save my Vendetta agent (basically an engineer) late in the game and mess up the board with her three or four small turrets, which will automatically lock any passing enemies.

You won’t find this kind of galactic brain thing in Call of Duty.

Lemnis Gate’s wider arena shooting game atmosphere is enhanced by a compact, learnable map set in the interstellar colony, and equipped with jumping mats and mobile contact such as sliding bunny jumps. If the comparable but cartoonish Quantum League is the Fortnite generation time loop shooter, then Lemnis Gate is for those who grew up in the space station and the asteroid arena in 1999. The simple weapon set comes directly from the Unreal Tournament file, with similar functions Link Gun, Translocator, and even Bio Rifle for serving.

Dominoes that travel through time and space

Lemnis Gate’s time loop mechanism is very clever, it makes familiar FPS concepts-such as common things like friendly shooting-more interesting. Once, my opponent became too aggressive when it was their turn. When they blindly eliminated my team, they killed their own teammate with a ball with a misplaced rocket. Instead of taking this berserker away in the next round, I let him complete his self-destructive cycle, and I ran to pick up another ball, put it back on the base, and bite back to pick up the ball he kindly vacated me.

(Image source: Ratloop Games)

Of course, when you die, you are not completely dead.If your HP is 0, you will continue this round, in this state you can And should Continue to execute the target and shoot the enemy. If you manage to save that version of yourself from death in a future round, they (or are you still “you”?) can make the game to your advantage. Players are already implementing some strategies, including killing several teammates/past selves with rockets at the beginning of the game, completing their rounds as ghosts, and then throwing a sphere in the later rounds so that those teammates will not be affected by the rockets Kill, continue their cycle. It effectively provides the enemy with additional players that they have no plan to deal with.

You won’t find this kind of galactic brain thing in Call of Duty. All this is great: by carefully planning and identifying the enemy’s weakness between rounds, the game of twitch reflex can be surpassed. Frame rate? More like FP-Chess.

On the other hand, the heroic shooting ability can cancel a reliable strategy within a second. In one game, I was completely defeated. When entering the final round, my opponent destroyed two reactors. I did such a bad defensive job. In order to save at least one reactor and save the tie, I sent out toxins throwing goo, and I did it.

I didn’t plan any more, but after 10 seconds, I saw an enemy trapped in the time loop passing my sight for about half a second on the way to my other reactor. I anticipated their run, and threw the last fight.The damage it caused was just enough for the turret in the reactor room to kill them, which in turn meant that the shotgun I used to defend the reactor survived. in turn This means that the shotgunner will kill the last enemy before they complete the cycle and shoot the reactor.

And thanks to the photo mode included in the excellent in-game playback system, I can present you that wonderful game-defining moment:

(Image source: Ratloop Games)

Since the heyday of my Rocket League, I have never felt so ecstatic in a comeback. This proves that the map design allows you to accomplish a lot in 25 seconds (as long as you plan and execute it properly).

Lemnis Gate is not perfect, not just because its name evokes cough syrup more than 4D Chess using Unreal guns. It is not exactly the precision you want, because in this game, the gap between defeat and victory is so small. Accelerating and sprinting feels monotonous, the collision box around the head and the target that can be shot are not always accurate, and the crosshair of the rocket launcher is a nightmare. This means that in all the wonderful time loop choreography you (and at most one teammate) devised, there will be some frustrating moments when the lack of polish weakens your bullet ballet.

But this shows the high level of emotion aroused by Lemnis Gate. Over time, these technical details should become stricter. All in all, this is an auspicious start for this high-concept transition of the arena shooting game, where the ingenious strategy between rounds and the dexterous gunfights between them are in constant tug of war, and the game can rely on a bullet. , A well-positioned turret or-depending on the situation-a green slime ball.

The number of players may be higher (cross-play is really helpful), at this time it may be difficult for you to find a complete 2v2 game, but this is more reason to join with friends. For only 20 USD / 16 pounds (or free through the game pass), it can prove that it is an era of constant rotation for the brainy Sagittarius fan.

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