Life is Strange: True Colors

Life is Strange: True Color Review

Life is Strange: True Color Review

What is it?

What is it? An adult adventure for a young woman who can absorb the emotions of the people around you
Expect to pay 50 GBP/70 USD
release: September 9, 2021
Developer Deck Nine
Publisher Square Enix
Review date AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
multiplayer game No
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There is a moment in Life is Strange: True Colors when the protagonist Alex threw a glass bottle through the room angrily. It hit the opposite wall, leaving hundreds of fragments scattered on the floor. Her anger was white-hot, but it only lasted for a moment, and then quickly dissipated.

It was an incredibly tense scene, but Alex’s behavior was completely understandable. Her brother, her only family member, is dead, and she has only now discovered that his death may not have been an accident. There was so much pain in her heart that she was at a loss. True Colors is about the power of emotions, good or bad, watching Alex learn to understand and explore his own feelings is the core of True Colors.

I’m used to “Life is Strange” jerking on my heartstrings, but it’s different from Alex. “Life is Strange” has always been a series about young people coping with trauma, but Alex is the first person to focus only on the emotions of himself and others around him throughout the game. Prior to this series, where she was involved in time travel, telekinesis, and mind reading, Alex’s superpower is that she can feel people’s strong emotions, and even absorb them into her body, if she wants to. Reduce their anger, sadness and anxiety. If a person feels an overwhelming emotion, she can see their glowing colorful halo and understand what they are going through. She is basically a human emotion ring.

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Her empathy in the foster care system has developed, but fortunately, her long-lost brother Gabe managed to get in touch with her and invited her to live with him in Haven Springs, Colorado. Unfortunately, their reunion was short-lived, because Gabe suffered an accident and died, leaving the residents of Alex and Haven Springs desperate. But Alex began to feel that something was wrong with his death, so he began to investigate this quiet mining town to find out what happened, and used her power to see the true nature of the townspeople.

Hot head

Life is Strange really likes quaint American towns, and True Colors’ Haven Springs fits well into the series’ American tour. It is as beautiful as a postcard-the Rocky Mountains are a beautiful backdrop for lakeside towns, single shopping streets, and close neighborhoods. However, it’s not just the picturesque Colorado doing all the work-True Colors is Life is Strange’s most visually fascinating game to date. In short, it is amazing, and I actually want to spend time exploring every corner and crevice. The town may only have one main street, but it is full of details and people you can interact with. The cutscenes also look incredible, with some clever lighting and a string of fairy-tale lights, the art direction of deck 9 is very good, even the dim local bar looks like a magical little in a fantasy game Tavern.

Deck 9 continues the iconic exploration system of Life is Strange, where you can interact with objects to get more information about the world. Viewing photos, viewing flyers, and reading newspaper clippings are great ways to learn more about NPCs and the history of the town. But what makes this system new in true color also allows you to learn more about the protagonist of the game.

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Before you met her, Alex lived an eventful life. Knowing her time in foster care from her diary or reading letters from her pen pal helps to quickly enrich her personality. We can rarely play a role that has experienced the foster care system or has been hurt by it, and deck nine will handle her situation very carefully. We understand Alex’s personal identity, her history and her strengths. The protagonist of “Life is Strange” is usually a duo like Max and Cloe, Daniel and Shaun, or Tyler and Alyson. In true color, Alex is the complete focus, so we constantly learn about her life.

People leave tags on their associated items, and Alex can take advantage of this and learn more about specific people

Alex’s empathetic superpowers are also used for exploration. People leave marks on items related to them, and Alex can use this and learn more about specific people—their thoughts, their emotions. Picking up something like a cup may indicate that someone is under work pressure, or holding a phone may reveal the owner’s anxiety about receiving a particular call.

These supernatural tricks are very effective in a story about a young woman who learns to understand her emotions, but her power logic is inconsistent and a bit illusory. Usually, when someone feels a strong emotion, Alex will be overwhelmed by their presence, but there are other times when this rule is completely forgotten. She has the ability to absorb people’s emotions to take away their feelings, but this does not really affect her own emotional state. This is not an overall question, but at certain moments in the story, her power feels like a tool for the writer to push the story, not something that Alex needs to understand and learn to control.

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Life is Strange is famous for its choices and the drama that results from it. The terrible “this action will have consequences” will make your stomach start somersaults. I didn’t really feel that feeling in “True Color”. Important decisions will only be rewarded at the end of the game, and it will take a long time to see how your choices turn out. These are some of the things I missed while playing. Although you have your hips, Steph the drummer wearing a beanie, and the robust park ranger Ryan are close friends, there are very few choices that will affect your relationship with others. Interpersonal relationship. However, Alex can decide to date Stephen or Ryan in a meaningful relationship, and both characters are lovely potential partners who understand Alex and her power. It’s nice to see that the continued life on deck nine is weird and the bizarre representative Alex is bisexual.

Emotional baggage

Although True Colors has its flaws, I have never had so much fun in the Life is Strange game. Previous games in the series dealt with some incredibly heavy topics, such as convincing friends not to jump from the roof of a building or experience terrible racism, so even when there are happy moments, they are often considered bitter and sweet , Fleeting moments in an unfair world. True Colors has quite a lot of drama, but there are also incredible moments of joy. The entire range of emotions was present, from the fierce anger at her brother’s death to the sheer joy of cheering with a group of friends-Alex experienced all this deeply, and it was all in a story that respected her feelings.

(Image source: Square Enix)

When Alex threw the glass bottle across the room, it was shocking, but it was not only because of the behavior itself, but also because the women did not do enough.Women in games and the wider media are constantly being demonized for expressing themselves in this way, often labeled as hysterical, “crazy bitches,” or also Emotional. Unless a woman screams a battle cry when she rushes into the war head-on, women’s anger is almost non-existent in the game. It was incredible and heartbreaking to see Alex feel angry and frustrated at her cruel situation—an emotional blow.

True Colors is full of these moments. This is a story that makes young queer people cry, scream, and experience shameless happiness shamelessly. This is a very special thing.

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