Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Review

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What is it? A single-player space adventure full of ethical choices.
Estimated payment: 60 USD/50 GBP
Developer: Eidos Montreal
Publisher: Square Enix
Comment time: Windows 10, GeForce GTX 1070, Intel Core i7-9700 CPU, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? No
release date: October 26
Association: Official website

I did not expect to support Guardians of the Galaxy in this way. It was dragged down by so much stagnation in the pre-release cycle. As the shadow of Marvel’s Avengers, Square Enix’s attempt to transform the overall media advantage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe into a living cooperative video game in 2020 is particularly prominent. The Hollywood replica cast of that game-all these fake Chris Hemsworth-left customers cold, and although the core narrative is good, no one likes meaningless currency crunch.

The Guardians are from the same publisher and seem to be made from the same stock, except that this is a single-player campaign, and players are limited to the least interesting member of the troupe, Star-Lord. In 2021, there is a common focus test that cold will corrode many products with the Marvel name. I am not optimistic that Eidos Montreal can overcome this taint.

(Image source: Square Enix)

Until I solved a puzzle involving the psychedelic space llama, I needed to trick it into chewing some wires on the boat. The beast was either fascinated by the singing of each crew member, or repelled by the singing of each crew member-he would be closer to the melody of the star, escape from the melody of the rocket raccoon, etc.-so we all took turns singing Bobby McFerlin’s “Don’t worry about happiness” until our mercury llama is finally in place. Guardians are full of sequences that capture the stranger, more interesting, and lighter side of the Marvel universe. I met a Soviet test-flying golden retriever, which possesses superintelligence in the celestial body. In a moment of weakness, he admitted to me how much he missed his insignificant dog intelligence, those endless afternoons chasing tennis on the front lawn. There was a left uppercut that broke the wall, taken directly from the Arkham script, and related to an amazing turn, which surprised me very much. Hell, deep into the last scene of the game, I saw the Rocket Raccoon, who was always laughed at for the encouragement and support of his teammates, was facing lingering trauma. Compared to anything I saw in the movie, this scene brought better emotional rewards. The core of Guardians of the Galaxy is in the right place… if the game itself does not continue to use exhausting technical lag to disrupt these efforts.

Just like the previous Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy is deeply immersed in the character movement tradition. As I mentioned before, you controlled the Star Lord and unloaded a steady stream of photons from all the toothy beasts, corrupt interstellar police and crazy cult leaders who stood in front of you. When the player causes damage, a bar on the left side of the screen will fill up, dotted with the Marvel version of those retro Devil May Cry descriptions-“Awesome!” “Unbelievable!” The remaining guardians will use your The unlocked special power rolodex comes into play. I can ask Groot to tie my enemies to the floor with his roots, or summon Drax to a earth-shattering ground scale. But outside of these situations, your superhero buddies are relegated to the anonymous faces that often appear in the levels of Call of Duty, providing a weak image of combat unity, without actually doing anything productive.

It did the job. The battle is not where the Guardians of the Galaxy shines, but it is both gorgeous and simple enough to maintain some of the more active parts of the plot. I found that the closer to the end of the game, the more attractive the villain fight. In the beginning, there were only a pair of pea shooters and a small number of general attacks, and Guardians was a shooting range without a pulse. But when you pop up multiple cooldowns at the same time and enjoy a fully optimized arsenal, the design will be close to the overwhelming, splashing panels and multi-colored eye candies that are often prioritized in movies. Lasers, bombs, swords, and Drax flew in from the rope at the top, just like Marvel’s punishment against Capcom. One of the best features of Guardians of the Galaxy is its “crunch” feature. Every once in a while, you can gather the team together, provide some words of encouragement, and then re-enter the battle with the damage bonus, suggesting the 80s classic extracted from the game’s authorized material treasure. (I’ve heard Gary Numan’s “Cars”, Wham’s “Wake Me Up before You Go-Go, and Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love”.) It’s really an incandescent lamp.

(Image source: Square Enix)

The story here revolves around the Marvel disaster that usually threatens the universe. There is some kind of super-religious stellar church that corrupts the Andromeda galaxy. Our miscellaneous staff is here to stop it, even if the odds continue to pile up on us. The guardians may be a group of greedy dissatisfied people, but at least they have a heart of gold.

The big move is not of much interest to me, but the Guardians have incorporated the super high risk into the secret anxiety of the heroes themselves. One of the first victims of the cult? A girl who may or may not be the illegitimate child of Xing Jue. How could a group of stupid, respected nerds seduce a chiseled flesh head like Drax? Maybe by introducing the memories of his dead wife and daughter.

All of this is supported by the Guardians’ Moral Choice Infrastructure, which is clearly torn directly from the Telltale Convention. Along the way, Xingjue participated in shaping the team’s plan and posture, which had a slight impact on the narrative. During the gaps between missions, you can chop it up with the team on board, similar to those oval therapy courses held in Normandy by Commander Shepard. The writers here are clearly bound by Marvel’s orthodoxy, but it’s still cool to see some of their own prosperity. (For example, Gamora is a huge collector of action figures in this timeline.)

(Image source: Square Enix)

I want to reiterate that Guardians of the Galaxy is a very single player and plot-centric game. You move from chapter to chapter, disembark at various famous Marvel locations, and walk through beautiful corridors that are occasionally interrupted by some heavy cutscenes. This makes the game a bit like a dinosaur, which is a good way. Many attack unlocks are related to certain wrinkles in a dramatic arc, rather than meeting specific resource thresholds. You will spend exactly zero minutes staring at the talent tree or defensive integer.When I saw that the characters had their own gray costumes, I thought must They will be bound by some kind of frustrating meta-grind and real money shops in the game. No, you are just discovering things hidden in remote corners of the geography as a reward for spending time exploring. It is reminiscent of the storytelling conventions of the Uncharted Seas and God of War series. Eidos is not that heavy, but its effect is enough to be mentioned along with these influences.

This degree of lag is expected in the high-entropy Tamriel continent, not in a series of battlefields and connective tissues.

This reminds me of the debilitating core of the Guardian. This game is often blatantly vandalized. Once, I encountered three different crashes during a one-hour game. One is a strange soft lock, and the other two are direct hard core freezes, which require alt-F4 to escape. The first boss I played stopped moving a few times; when I slammed its tentacles, it stalled, causing a lot of cheap damage. The game usually thinks that Star Lord fell into a phantom pit, and it dutifully transported me back to some dangerous melting pot completely at will. I need to reload checkpoints in order to trigger some process blocking points.

This is bad, and Square Enix knows it. When I first downloaded my Guardians review code, it was 150GB in size. A few days later, the company released a new version that reduced the file size and promised greater stability. However, the crashes I described earlier all occurred after that big patch. Another patch will appear later, but it is unlikely that every physical anomaly and crash will be eliminated within a few days after release-the post-release bug fix phase of a large game may last for months and months.

(Image source: Square Enix)

This makes Guardians of the Galaxy a game that is currently difficult to recommend. Obviously something went wrong during the development process, because it is strange that single-player linear games have so many strange performance issues. This degree of lag is expected in the high-entropy Tamriel continent, not in a series of battlefields and connective tissues. The closest analogy I can think of is the Jedi Fallen Order; another Disney property, with a well-crafted narrative, some ingenious combat techniques, and a lot of divided technical issues. Unfortunately, I think Guardians are not enough to offset these problems like Respawn.

But then I recalled an earlier scene where Xing Jue met an old drinker named Lipless in a slimy diving bar in Knowhere. You two awkwardly flipped through a sultry-haired metal national anthem. Obviously, this hero is too dark to remember to write. Players choose each line in the song, and Star-Lord does its best to make the lyrics vague in order to maintain the good side of Lipless. “Guardians of the Galaxy” is eager to become a colorful interstellar adventure comparable to the multimedia giant of the same name. It achieves this through its story, its voice acting, and its wonderful 80s imitation. If only the technology can better keep up with these ambitions.

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