Monster Hunter Stories 2

Monster Hunter Story 2 review

Monster Hunter Story 2 review

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What is it? A cuter, story-driven Monster Hunter derivative product
Expect to pay 60 USD/50 GBP
Developer Capcom
Publisher Capcom
Review date GeForce GTX 1070, i7-7700, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? Two-person cooperation and battle mode
Associate Official website

I have always been an unreachable admirer of the Monster Hunter series and its gorgeous worlds and dangerous beasts, but no matter how many times I try to play it-whether it is an early PSP attempt or the most recent Monster Hunter World-it will never be Click right for me. Although I really want to like this series, I have been unable to exceed five hours. There are too many systems to learn, and there are too many aspects to deal with that make people overwhelmed. Monster Hunter Stories 2 completely changed me.

As a derivative product of the main series, Stories focuses on er stories, and uses a turn-based combat system and monster capture mechanism to replace actions. Although it is a sequel to Monster Hunter Stories, you don’t need to know anything about the first game, which is convenient because it is only available on 3DS and mobile devices. You play as a rookie “knight”, the grandson of a great hero named Red. Set out to investigate a strange red light that drives Monsters crazy, and you will soon discover that you have been entrusted with a Rathalos egg, and together with your comedy cat partner Navirou, you have solved the mystery of an ancient prophecy. For this, you will fight huge monsters, raid their lairs to obtain eggs, and then raise their stolen offspring to obey your orders.

It definitely has the element of Pokemon-you can have up to a squad of 6 Monsties (when it is your pet, the monster is called that, no, you are never stupid to say that) you can according to the situation Toggle on how the battle proceeds. Only one person can fight with you at a time, so you must carefully consider your options. The most basic battle is based on the rock-paper-scissors mechanism, in which speed defeats power, power defeats technology, and technology defeats speed, but in the end you will also consider weapon types, items, and element types.

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Fortunately, turn-based combat gives you enough time to consider your options, and this is where this series finally clicked for me. I don’t have to dance around the waving beast, think about which weapon to attack which part of the body, and pray that the hit will land, but can do what I want in an orderly manner, and have room to understand the monster hunter’s battle before the attack is coordinated Work. The story distills all the elements that make monster fighting so satisfying into something more approachable. In theory, you can pass brute force with basic attacks and grinding, but the moment you figure out how to deflate the fluffy Poalumu collar like an old party balloon is happy. It is a deep satisfaction to frustrate the monsters before their plans are realized.

It’s great to be able to have the kind of poisonous two-footed dragon horror you just fought with, and eventually fight alongside you, and the nickname is not so scary. Thank you Pubert the Pukei-Pukei. Working with Monsters and understanding how they fight you can make it easier to understand how to fight their more annoying Monster brothers. It is true that whenever I raid the nest to find eggs, I feel a guilty burst of guilt, but this is quickly replaced by the nervous excitement of wondering what might be in it. There is a random factor when picking eggs, because each nest can hold several different types. This mode will tell you what type it is inside, but you will also get hints about the quality of its statistics based on the weight and smell. When going out to explore better eggs, it is worth looking out for the golden “rare” monster lairs.

The story will distill all the elements that make monster fighting so satisfying into something more approachable

Don’t be shy and collect as many as you can, because eventually you will be able to fuse their genes with each other to make more powerful Monsties by hand. There is no doubt that every Monstie has perfect statistics and bonuses, and a perfect team composition, but like a Pokemon trainer with a favorite starter, I put all the most powerful skills into My best friend Pubert was on him and managed to get past it.

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Most areas of the game are relatively small-it must also support the limitations of the Nintendo Switch-but it still feels varied, with enough hidden points and twists, to be worth exploring. Each Monstie also has a skill that can help you explore the wilderness. Some people can jump over the gullies, while others can swim across streams or climb vines to get secret treasures. Pubert screamed to frighten the wild monsters so that they wouldn’t attack, and I could choose the cowardly option that I slipped through. Keeping a diverse team is not only for fighting, but also for bypassing the gorgeous landscape of the game and collecting materials, which is worth it. Like other monster hunter games, you need to collect monster parts to build new weapons and armor sets. The slightly relaxed battle rhythm also gave me enough room to truly understand the tactical advantages of each armor set and be able to apply it in advance.

I couldn’t play the game online before it was released, but unlike other Monster Hunter games, online multiplayer is not an integral part of the experience-it’s more of additional content. You can pair up with others in the co-op, perform exploratory tasks to find rare eggs and materials, or try to compete with other riders in adversarial mode. I do miss the friendship in preparation for the big hunt, but it is not suitable here. The cooking mechanism of the main game was also omitted. Instead, the easier-to-use but less fun prayer pot was used to increase the pre-hunting gain.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 may look cute, but it still retains the huge depth that the series is known for. No, it’s not as expansive or fast-paced as Monster Hunter World, but it’s good for it. Stories 2 is the approachable entry point that I have been waiting for and inspired me to return to the other games in the series to test my skills again.

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