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Myst is my first PC cooperative game. In 1993, my friend Steve and I sat side by side in front of my boxy CRT, staring in surprise at a game that looked different. We walked back and forth on the beautiful and mysterious islands (well, anyway, click on their static pictures), looking for pixels that we can interact with, taking notes with pencils and paper, and violently on a series of absurdly dull puzzles Attack our brains. We never finished.

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What is it? Myst’s 3D remake, supports desktop and VR.
Expect to pay: USD 29.99 / GBP 23.79
Developer: Cyan World Corporation
Publisher: Cyan World Corporation
Review date: RTX 2080, Intel i7-9700K, 16GB RAM, Oculus Quest with Link
multiplayer game? No
Associate: Official website

After so long, it is a bit strange to return to Myst in 2021. Cyan Worlds has completely remade the game (again, I haven’t played it after realMyst in 2000 and realMyst: Masterpiece in 2014). This new 3D Myst can be used in desktop and VR, so I have to spend time (virtually) walking around. As a remake, Myst is faithful, but it may be a bit too faithful. Cyan Worlds said this is a “reimagined” Myst, and although it looks more modern, it is still almost the same game. No matter how it looks in 2021, Myst feels very dated.

Island vacation

If you have not had the opportunity to play one of the many versions of Myst in the past 28 years, the adventure game will start when you are trapped on a strange island after reading a strange book. In order to collect the missing pages in the book and discover the story of the island and the family that once lived, players need to solve elaborate puzzles and transport them to a new island, where they can complete more puzzles before returning. Some stories and legends are told through books, notes and holograms (initially they were cheesy FMV, now cheesy CG), but Myst is mainly composed of puzzles rather than stories.

(Image source: Cyan Worlds Inc)

It’s great to be able to truly travel through the world this time. It’s a novel way to experience familiar places in a new way for a while, wandering from one puzzle to another, instead of walking around where I want to. Click on the static image at the time. At the same time, it also highlights that even a newly rebuilt game still feels a bit dated, because Mysterious Island is a lovely place, but it is not a big place. Everything on the island is only a few steps away from everything else. After playing countless island-based games over the years, especially puzzle games like The Witness, today’s Myst world just feels… small . Shockingly small. Even under the blue sky and bright sunshine, playing on the mysterious island is like standing in a secret room, the boundary will never exceed a few feet. In contrast, the islands in “Animal Crossing” appear larger.

The puzzles are the same as the original puzzles, but if you want to challenge a new challenge again, you can randomize them. As they did in 1993, these puzzles may be fairly simple, they may be very difficult, or somewhere in between. Since the clues to solving a single puzzle may be in multiple different areas, this is a kind of wandering around, staring at things, wandering again, staring again, doing some experiments here and there, and then looking back from the beginning Practice to see if there is anything you missed. I definitely don’t have the patience that I used to do with rougher puzzles. This is a real challenge. If you don’t open the browser and look for it, flip through pages of code or press the 120th button to view it, there’s absolutely nothing Useful things happen is a real challenge drill.

(Image source: Cyan Worlds Inc)

However, there are still many things to enjoy, and many clever puzzle designs. Sometimes, simple observation can make you go further on the road to solving puzzles, just like noticing that a locked rocket ship is connected to a brick pit by a wire.

Sounds often appear, and I really like them, such as the distant dull sound when turning wheels in the cabin, or the buzzing of electric wires that let you know the current flowing through, or the sound playing of underground train puzzle tracks crossing and combining with each other Provide you with directions. Solving a puzzle, or even figuring out what the puzzle wants you to do, will bring a lot of happy Eureka moments, not only because you feel smart, but also because of the urge to cheat by finding the answer.

nice picture

In VR, Myst looks great from a new perspective. Even if it’s just on the desktop, it’s a beautiful game: hypnotic waves hit the shore, clouds are rolling overhead, and there are some nice details, such as a little frog. Jump in the forest on the bridge. But even with this modern revision, Myst’s world is still mostly static. Even in 3D, it still feels more like a painting of a place than a real place.

Although the camera mode has been added so you can take photos of the puzzle clues for reference, I still can’t imagine trying to solve the game in VR. Taking pictures cannot replace using pen and paper to write notes, which is very difficult when holding a controller and wearing headphones.

(Image source: Cyan Worlds Inc)

Some PC options also feel less modern. The keyboard controls cannot be remapped, and although there are not a lot of controls, it is still a good choice. You are also limited to a few save slots and one auto save, which seems to be something from the 1990s.

It’s great to relive the mysterious island after so many years, but even in 3D, the classic puzzle slideshow still feels like a series of beautiful pictures rather than a real place to visit. If you are eager to revisit Myst, this is the version I suggest to try, as long as you don’t expect to be completely different (or even a bit different) from the original 1993 version.

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