New world review

New world review

New world review

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What is it? Amazon tried to build an MMO.
Expect to pay 35 GBP/40 USD
Developer Amazon games
Publisher Amazon games
release Come out now
Review date GTX 1080 Ti, Intel i7-8086K, 16GB RAM
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New World feels that its algorithm is designed to appeal to anyone who desires a large MMO. It meets all the conditions, and as a reward, it cleverly utilizes the seemingly endless desire for new productions and survival games. It has a lot of progress systems, and has an impressive ability to cut 100 trees at 2 AM, which seems to be a reasonable and even interesting prospect.

This is true at least in the early days, when everything is new and the island of Aeternum stretches out in front of you, beckon you to explore it. But this is a game of diminishing returns. I stubbornly refuse to evolve. As the honeymoon period really ends, I am looking for an exit.

With its powerful production system, open PvP, player-led warfare, and vibrant economy, it has done a lot of right things on paper, but the reality is not so shining: through the forest hour after hour, You are tired of seeing that for most of these 60 levels, you face the same enemies over and over again, praying for any novelty to liberate the experience from the downturn.

Identity crisis

Although after hundreds of hours of training, there is almost no change, I still can’t say that I know the new world. This is an MMO that desperately needs an identity. There are colonial aesthetics and old world pioneers exploring a magical island that looks like a large North American forest, but there is no real exploration of the theme of colonialism at all. This is just cosmetics. PvE missions and mission providers usually complete the key work of enriching MMO settings, but they don’t do anything similar.

The task of the new world is terrible. This is the same few unconscious targets, just like the repetition of a few enemy types is disgusting, and its structure causes anger. Instead of suddenly entering a settlement and grabbing a large number of missions for a specific area, you grab a pair, run all the way across the territory to kill ten bison, and then run all the way back. As a reward, maybe you will accept another mission to send you back to the area again.

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Without a mount and fast travel system, you will be charged a monetary fee with a fixed upper limit, and you will have a lot of ridiculous running around. If Aeternum is the kind of place to inspire exploration, it may not be so painful, but these journeys are not interesting pastimes. Aeternum is a beautiful place, of course, for a long time I was very happy to walk slowly through its forests and swamps, admiring the natural world and the occasional ruins, but there was not much change. It is also very simple, without the kind of spectacle or surprise that makes the area unforgettable.

The battle is in a similar situation, and the choice to use an action-based system instead of a row of shortcut bars was initially popular, but it quickly lost momentum. As you approach the end, things do become more challenging, encouraging you to participate more in the system, but in hundreds of hours, you will hardly see any growth. When you level up, you will get more points to reflect your strength, dexterity, etc., but each weapon type also has an experience bar and two progress trees with three abilities. However, you will quickly unlock all your weapon abilities, if you find a pair of weapons you like-I insist on using rapiers and muskets for most of the game-you are looking for hundreds of hours It’s just a strange passive reward and nothing else.

Fighting can at least benefit from tactical nuances. You have an active block and dodge, need to worry about positioning, you can read your opponents to predict their next move. Unfortunately, it is also very stiff. When you put more enemies and players into the mix, you can’t really know what’s going on, so you will only spam your poor three skills.

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With five players and so many monsters, the dungeon-called the expedition in the new world-is the most chaotic place for them to fight. The first three dungeons are a dull journey into the underground ruins, filled with things you’ve killed many times before, but things have really improved, with more unique settings and tricky boss encounters that require some planning and communication. Most battles still just get you into a lot of players and thugs, you can hardly see what’s going on, but you can expect some more thoughtful pieces with unique enemies.


The real attraction of the new world, and the closest thing to the focus, is factional confrontation. All three factions seek to control Aeternum, and the company—the guild of the New World—represents them by fighting wars and demanding settlements. When a company requests a settlement, it levies taxes on players using its services, such as production and player housing, and provides company and faction-wide benefits. These settlements are the hub of each territory, so the flow of people is high and competition is fierce.

In the PvE missions, the content of magic and prophecy allows you to fight against a universal evil force called the Fallen. This is completely inconsistent with the grounding pioneer that the new world of MMO is trying to become. It feels more comfortable to compete with factions. The economy and PvP are closely linked.

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I found myself setting up different businesses in different settlements, depending on who owns them and local economic conditions. For example, Windsward has a vibrant economy and a trading station—all items and prices are determined by the player—full of cheap basic resources because it is the first settlement the player encounters. This is where I spend a lot of time doing low-level crafts and continue to do most of the shopping. But the company that controls Windsward has not upgraded some of the production stations I often use, which means that if I want to start an advanced production project, I have to visit another settlement.

Most of the things you can make are very common-some new equipment, some food, some house furniture-and you will never encounter the large number of items that you can usually find in specialized cunning survival games. But I still find the actual hand-made behavior, as well as the previous party, very compelling. Unlike most MMOs, where you will find some collection nodes here and there, Aeternum is full of things that can be chopped down, mined, pulled from the ground and skin. Even when it is quiet, you still usually hear signs of someone working—the crack of the pickaxe hitting the iron, or the thumping of the axe hitting the wood.

Your crafting and collecting skills can also be upgraded, so you are always improving. As you level up, you can start to see nodes and critters on the compass, get new resources and crafting items, and even get rewards that help fight. With so many different appearances and skills, it is easy to waste a day in the simple fun of being a rough pioneer.

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You have been helping other players, completing orders that will develop towns, or filling trading stations with your surplus. If you do this in a company-controlled territory or another company in your faction, you will get bonuses and discounts, giving you more reasons to paint the Aeternum map in your color. You can also get these by hanging out and doing things in specific areas, increasing your influence on them and choosing from a range of rewards.

Give a helping hand

There are several ways to support your faction. You can do town projects—making this thing, hunting this thing—helping the development of the settlement, allowing the responsible company to upgrade the crafting station, etc., which in turn changes the actual appearance of the settlement. You can also start PvP missions to increase the influence of your faction in a certain territory until you can declare war and flip it.

These tasks make all the things you do are memorized and repetitive, but the reward of this busy work is a real sense of your participation in a major event. You are preparing for a war, improving a town, and actually leaving a mark on the world. Of course, this is a small mark, but combined with the efforts of your other players, it can change things significantly. At the very least, whenever other players who are marked as PvP appear, the PvP mission will increase. Collecting 100 pieces of wood is not a task, but collecting 100 pieces of wood and 20 players try to murder you? This is even more exciting.

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My faction syndicate is a weak server and has a real grudge against the dominant faction star alliance. Our conflict with them is so one-sided that there is now a conspiracy — which I regret to put into it — to show that we are infested with moles. There is conspiracy and paranoia, this is the feeling that the new world is closest to the real world.

Regrettably, the climax of these conflicts and wars only happened to a few privileged people. Look, when your faction has enough influence in a territory, every company in the faction has a chance to declare war, and the winner is selected by the lottery system. Companies that can declare war can also solve problems for themselves, and can choose who can actually participate in the siege and when to fight. Since the lottery favors the companies that contribute the most, it is always the largest and most active company that determines who participates. If you are not in that company, your chances of participation will be greatly reduced. Even if he is selected, he may be kicked at any time, all on the whim of strangers.

This has the potential to turn convincing factional competition into a struggle between several different companies—only 11 territories are available for competition, and companies can claim more than one—allowing everyone outside to beg for fragmentation. Another PvP mode Outpost Rush does not need to be arranged by the company, anyone can play, but only when they reach level 60. Wait a long time. At the time of writing, the mode has actually been disabled due to a queue error, so it has been inaccessible for more than a week.

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World war

At least PvP in the world has almost no restrictions, and it is the most interesting place. My most memorable experience in the new world was a 5-hour PvP session, seeing me jumping around the world, trying to put my territory in conflict, and accompanied by hordes of syndicated partners. When a group of bloodthirsty players broke in during a PvP mission, it was really an excitement to see a quiet grove plunged into chaos. You can even experience the siege in war mode. Each territory has a fort, dense fortifications, and even some defensive structures for attackers to hide behind when they exchange fire with rifles.

But even in these large-scale scraps there are setbacks. With so many players, the battle is definitely a mess, so you just join and hope for the best, but the game may decide, in fact, there are too many players trying to have fun now. Half of my attempts to fight in the fort failed, because not only in the fort, but also around the fortress there are restrictions on the number of players. If you rush in, you have 10 seconds to leave the area, otherwise you will be unceremoniously teleported back to the nearest settlement.

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Although reaching the final stage will reward you with some new dungeons and territories to explore, I am tired of the half-hearted PvE in the new world and I am only interested in continuing the conflict between factions. Unfortunately, even if this is not enough for me to persevere at the moment…

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