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The orcs must die! 3 comments

The orcs must die! 3 comments


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What is it? A tower defense game in which you can slaughter orcs.

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release Come out now

Developer Robot entertainment

Publisher Robot entertainment

Review date Windows 10, Intel Core i5-6500, 8GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1060

multiplayer game? Yes

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Occasionally, when a new wave of orcs rushes into your fortifications, you will hear the frustrated Greenskin moan in the breeze: “It feels like we will never get there.” It seems to be a realization that they are destined in tower defense. The moment to play the role, but there is always an idea they can’t accomplish: they were hit on rocks, tarred and burned, or they were energized so that their skeletons shone in their skin.

Recently freed from the shackles of Stadia, Orcs Must Die! 3 is usually not a deliberate fantasy game. It made little effort to put its slandered headline characters in context, thinking about where they came from or why they did what they did. However, this is a game for thoughtful people-a strategic siege simulator that rewards well-organized, enlightening solutions, and the willingness to abandon past assumptions and solve problems from a new perspective. This is a game that makes you feel smart, even if you flick your mouse desperately and shoot a magic arrow into the little devil’s eyes.

Imagine you are an interior designer, but in a universe where one of the creeds of Feng Shui is murder. Using a pre-allocated budget, you can start each level by buying, spinning, and placing the trap of your choice in a small dungeon (or, less often, a large venue), with the goal of causing as much damage to any orc as possible Who can pass the more harm.

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Then there is the open house: the door rammed in, and the enemy ran from the lobby to the stairs, showing very low risk perception ability when they did so. The traps they trigger come from Tom and Jerry’s slapstick comedy school, throwing orcs into the air or stinging them with a beehive; those waiting for the upcoming reunion of the jackass will find themselves well served. After that, when all the orcs have died or escaped from the portal you should protect, you start again-building your design until the last wave.

In traditional tower defense games, the arrival of the action phase will prompt you to sit down, accept the scene, and grit your teeth-hope your wall can hold up, and throw away one or two extra turrets if funds allow . The orcs must die! 3. It’s time to roll up the sleeves of the robe and jump in.

It’s fun to fire at the tribe, looking for headshots among opponents of different sizes, just like playing a vertical gopher. The best secondary firing options include freezing bombs and full knockback, triggering a round of nostalgic ragdolls. However, in general, the battle is best described as mashed potatoes and peas-because it mainly provides button mash melee and pea projectiles. Compared to what you find in specialized action games, it has fewer complexity or skill opportunities-no soul-like parry or active reloading to master.

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This is the best, and it may be by design. Although a game style can be built around powerful punches, combat does exist, so you can dynamically fill in the gaps left by traps. Series veterans will know that sniping a kobold runner personally somehow slipping between the blades of a pneumatic machine is a panicking pleasure.

Imagine you are an interior designer, but in a universe where one of the creeds of Feng Shui is murder.

If it involves more combat, it will be too concentrated and disrupt the balance of this classic hybrid. Robot Entertainment has been making Orcs Must Die! For a long time-it will be established in October-and know not to mess up the fundamentals. Especially because the last time the studio tried to do this was in 2017’s “The Orcs Must Die”! When the chains were released, the mixture exploded on its face.

Yes, the orcs must die! 3 is a cautious sequel-even its large-scale war scenes will feel familiar if enlarged. But over time, it has become more and more experimental, because Robot pursues a tower defense development strategy. The game was effectively soft-launched on Stadia last year-after surviving the first wave, the studio has established a second story event and a new endgame mode, Scramble.

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The latter is a triathlon variant of the formula, which reminds me of the explosion of COD. Our goal is to use a set of rift points to complete five escalating levels of difficulty-this pool determines how many monsters you can let through the portal before failing. Between each stage, you will encounter a new debuff—maybe hordes of orc archers chasing you instead of cracks—but you can choose a buff to counter it, such as the extra for your acid bomb charm. The effect of this ever-increasing metagame is a tactic that pushes you out of your comfort zone, making Scramble a useful way to relive some of the best maps.

The frustrating thing is that before you make significant progress in the story, the second campaign and Scramble are both locked-this is a blow to the hardcore fans who have invested this time in the Stadia version.

However, they will be soothed by the new acid geyser trap, which will melt the orcs into softer parts, ready to be hit by subsequent darts or arrows. In the end, like Orcs Must Die!, the complex sorting of traps in order to obtain the highest score combination will attract the attention of top players for hundreds of hours.

(Image source: Robot Entertainment)

It is best for novices to embrace the new saw blade launcher, its bounce is not only interesting, but also can smash the troll in a few seconds when launched in a closed arch. With experience, you can predict and plan a 45-degree wall bounce and fill the corridor with a boomerang with blades. This is the orc must die! The best: comedy written on graph paper.

We may not know much about the orcs, and they may not know themselves. But after years in the wilderness, Robot Entertainment showed that it still knows exactly how to make “The Orcs Must Die!” “. It’s such a pleasure to bring those pea green boys back.

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