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The Voice of Cards: Island Dragon Roar Review

The Voice of Cards: Island Dragon Roar Review

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What is it? The traditional JRPG is redesigned to resemble a card game.
Expect to pay 30 USD/25 GBP
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix
Review date RTX 2080 Ti, AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, 16GB RAM
multiplayer game? No
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Immediately after Inscryption, “Sound of Cards” is another card game in which everything is not what it seems. But Daniel Mullins’ fanatical cabin fighter opens your eyes and proves that it’s not just the sum of the parts, and Square Enix has hardly shuffled the cards. Despite the creative input from Yoko Taro, he is the celebrity of Neal and Pulp Head. Coming here is looking forward to the subversion of his galaxy (moon?) mind genre. The biggest turning point is how boring the foundation is.

In fact, it is not so much a card game as it is a game made of cards. This is a cardboard kingdom handled by an intangible game master who tells the battle. Characters, objects, and buildings slide across the table in the game, while hundreds of cards depicting roads, grass, and ocean expand to form a main world for you to navigate piece by piece. If you have played Inscryption or Hand of Fate, where the fantasy land is abstractly implied by some rough marks, then there is a certain surprise factor in the more comprehensive world construction of the sound of cards.

But wow will disappear. These building blocks are almost unchanged or poetic, only a few acres of repeated grass and mountains, just as sparse and basic as the 8-bit tile set of NES Dragon Quest. You can only write so much. The flash of invention hints at the potential of this idea—a sick hero becomes more stubborn, and a death represents violent tears—but these are rare. Comparing it with Gwent RPG, it has similar static parts like magic avalanche, castle siege, and multi-limbed beasts, while the sound of cards seems particularly flat.

(Image source: Square Enix)

In its novel artistic style, it is a pure JRPG, as traditional as them. There are heroes and dragons, and there are many villages and dungeons in between. The former has small soap operas, and the latter has endless encounters.There Yes A dietitian obsessed with muscles, but this is the only place that really reminds people that there is a weird person on the wheel. However, although the writing is only lightly interesting, the narrator’s expression helps it. Todd Haberkorn voiced him in English, full of ridiculous contempt for all the nonsense that was unfolding.

Adventure will not exceed its popularity. Even if you spend time exploring every corner of the world map and discover rare equipment, the whole thing will end in ten hours. If anything, it can be shorter, by stripping the filler from the two late game dungeons. In the best case, it would be foolish to force us to attack through layers of surprise monsters, let alone render with the same dirty card. Say it again: Why did you choose to amplify repetitive artistic styles so aggressively?

“The Sound of Cards” never finds its sound in battle, which is of no avail. It does not improvise card games or deck building as you might think; considering the cute re-skin, this is a more conservative JRPG thinking: each hero has a set of four moves, but this is not the same as choosing from the menu Is there really any difference in the action, for example, Final Fantasy 1? You can say that the “deck” of building an attack is a favorite of some modern people, but I only need to exchange three actions throughout the campaign, which shows its redundancy.

(Image source: Square Enix)

Like so many things here, the fight hints at ideas that may be more attractive. It’s like the way it decorates the battlefield with the fleeting moments of desktop actions. There are physical dice that can be rolled to apply status effects, and counters act as mana. But because you basically play the same hand every turn, even the simplest collectible card game has no defined spontaneity or improvisation. The art of these things is how your brain catches (or does not) the luck of the lottery. This system hardly asks you anything.

Like here, fighting hints at ideas that might be more attractive

The list of semi-realized ideas is endless. There is a basic weakness system to keep you alert, but there are few types of enemies, you can easily master the winning strategy and spend an hour worry-free honing victory. Or the gem system requires you to accumulate mana gems to activate powerful attacks? Well, the price of these attacks is so low, and the gems flow so quickly that you can basically drop nuclear bombs one after another on the final blow. The difficulty evaporates as quickly as the goblins. Incidental cards that apply random gains and debuffs at the beginning of the round may not exist because of how trivial their penalties are. If anything, this is an opportunity to add missing creative thinking—when you adapt to unexpected loopholes—but it makes no sense at all.

(Image source: Square Enix)

Even without those weird balanced combat quirks, “Voice of Cards” will be a complete promoter. The natural act of uncovering the world map (not as grand as it sounds-again, this is a 10-hour game) is more than enough to surpass the difficulty of your area. For example: I didn’t have to use a single restorative item until the last dungeon, when my inventory was exhausted, and every time a monster randomly dropped an item in battle, I was forced to discard an item manually. This is 1) a shit to the player, and 2) this is especially ridiculous considering that this story involves a drug drought. I just threw the healing balm into the volcano here! Don’t let the villagers find out.

What a pity, so few things can fly. The current trend toward the desktop roots of video games has proven such fertile soil-from the onion-like layer of Inscryption to the hand of fate promoted by the tarot (you’d better find a game to replace it)-I am very Unfortunately, a genius like Taro can’t do more with it. A real destructive straight flush.

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