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Warhammer 40,000: War Zone Review

Warhammer 40,000: War Zone Review

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What is it? Turn-based tactics on the battle scale of the 41st century
Estimated payment: 50 USD/32 GBP
Developer: Black lab game
Publisher: Slytherin
Comment time: Windows 10, Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1060
multiplayer game: Two people online, hot seat, PBEM
go out: July 22
Association: Official website

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector is turn-based, about Space Marines, which means it will irritate those who want more 40K games real-time and action-packed, and those who are tired of every 40K game being about space Marines . The fact is that the past 18 months have given us games about bounty hunters, giant robots, punk gangs, fighter jets and fighter jets but orcs in the environment. Thanks to Games Workshop for providing a free license for this variety, which is why I am satisfied with Battlesector’s relaunch of one of the more classic themes.

I also like that it is turn-based, because I remember that every 40K game is real-time, and we complain about it. There are seasons in everything. This is a little-known fact, when The Byrds sang Turn! Turn! Turn! They are actually singing a turn-based strategy.

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Battlesector is not purely about the Marine Corps. You can play dinosaur alien tyranids in skirmish mode or multiplayer games-online or hot seat, and even via email-in a single player campaign, you can unlock some fighting nuns to join your army. (The interstellar warriors are the monks of the scene, and the battle nuns are the warrior nuns.) In addition, Battlesector is not about ordinary armored lummoxes, but a more interesting kind of interstellar warriors: blood angels, they are space. If you look at it when you are young After the Hammer horror movie, you will enter the Marines. There is even Christopher Lee on the cover of one of their manuscripts.

The holy blood angels suffer from a pain called “red thirst”, which makes them long for bloodthirsty both literally and figuratively. In Battlesector, this means that they gain more power points, which are usually obtained through kills, the closer they are to the enemy. When a unit gains 100 kinetic energy points, they begin to “surging”, get movement rewards, and can choose to exchange these points for additional actions or a single enhanced use ability.

Non-Marines can also gain extra power points by using their personalities. If one of their queen bee synaptic leaders is within range, the taelen worms with hive thinking will score higher, encouraging them to move in groups, and the fighting nun will gain motivation to take damage and cause damage, just Like their abused martyrs.

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The momentum at first seems to be no big deal, but as the army gets bigger and bigger, there are more opportunities to accumulate a lot of money in a checkpoint. Its impact on certain late game skills is also very significant. My psionicist’s ability to create an image of a truly scary face sounds a bit impressive. It uses an enhanced version that puts down six closely-packed Tyrann units at once.

In such a game, it is tempting to enter Overwatch every round, and Overwatch is very powerful in Battlesector. To emphasize this point, it will become slow motion so that you can see every shot is firing and all the numbers fly out. But activating Overwatch will consume power, which will prompt you to reserve it. Instead, you promise to take a risk and let your commander bring a jumping backpack and a thunder hammer to fight side by side with some huge monsters. These monsters will give birth to success. Group of small enemies or spit acid.

Another thing that discourages going back is that the cover can be unpredictable. Sometimes the units behind the bunker can shoot through it with impunity, but sometimes it will block them and you will try to shoot down from the springboard, but every bullet hits the railing.

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The curse of the Holy Blood Angel is a two-pronged approach. In addition to the continuous Red Thirst, there is an even rarer Black Rage. Those it will spiral down to a raging state that will eventually kill them. They painted the armor black and formed an independent unit, a death company. They took on dangerous tasks and hoped that they could die heroically. When you first saw the Death Company in the Battlesector battle, they were engaged in a battle that lasted for several days, brandishing chainsaw swords in the knee-deep river of blood. Your reward goal in this mission is to help their five units die.

At such moments, Battlesector is like hell. It took place on a moon covered with red desert, destroyed cathedrals and factories. The main production item of the factory was obviously a huge statue holding a goblet like a skull. Between missions, your headquarters unit uses a tough guy to lyrically narrate, such as “In this sacred land, each of us fights for the chance to be an angel.” (Only the technical Marine Croginax is more plain, Thinking wildly, “You have enough poetry.”) This is a vivid portrayal benefiting from the familiarity with Warhammer 40,000.

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This story also hopes that you will understand 40K’s ongoing meta-plots in recent years, with names such as “Archmagos Cawl” and “Indomitus Crusade”. The opening cutscenes explain the basic principles and why there are newly created primaris marines-even more superhuman than ordinary-to join your first combat experience. However, if you haven’t read books or played table games recently, then you will have a few things to do.

Although the opening remarks of the campaign ostensibly were about the old Marines reaching a peace with their larger substitutes, the original partners did not really start to speak. Their presence is felt in battle rather than between them, which means that I have never really connected with the overall story that connects them. Although I like this tactical game very much-by dispatching tanks that don’t care about it to deal with venom fart, or spacing units so that they can shoot from the most effective range of their guns-the connectivity of its superstructure organization comes to me Say no click.

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This is not just because this story keeps me away, but because the unit is completely replaceable. Although the headquarters unit has a skill tree, the squad that is by your side from the beginning is the same as the unlimited fresh squad you can choose. There are many characters in the rest of the game, and it’s weird to find it missing here. In addition, the Holy Blood Angel is suitable for a progressive system, and the veteran unit becomes more and more tough, but every time it is used, it is possible to succumb to the black rage. In Battlesector, if you have enough points, you can choose Death Company.

At the same time, the point limit for each battle is the number you only know after you leave the army management screen, which means that you must either return to the edit list after the pre-battle narrative begins, or you must delete the extra squads to get them when you choose to deploy them. , The math is correct.

It’s a kind of sophistry, although I still have some-I’m tired of hearing the same tyrant screaming over and over again, and looking for the last enemy on each map after completing the main objective-it’s still a thumbs up . Battlesector is an evocative 40K game. It is a fast-paced tactical game. Sometimes it makes me scratch my chin and consider flanking maneuvers. Sometimes it makes me “fuck”, activate the jumping backpack and activate the chain saw sword.

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