Does RoboCop feel pain?

  1. Armored durability: RoboCop’s cyborg replacements are made with a high tech armor that is resistant up to
  2. 50 caliber, but vulnerable to anything above
  3. He is also less susceptible to injury, even so he still feels pain

However, What was Robocops purpose? What is the role/function of the robot? Why was it created? Robocop’s chief duty is to put a stop to crime in Detroit and he is a part of Omni Corporation’s attempt to create a robotic police force to supress crime

What is under Robocops face?

The scar from the gunshot wound Murphy sustained can be seen when RoboCop has his visor off, further suggesting his face is not a replica, but in fact his original organic one: So, presumably, his organic face could still take damage, but there is a metal skull beneath, so the damage would be purely cosmetic

Currently, How does RoboCop eat? The “rudimentary paste” was a type of food supplement used to sustain RoboCop’s organic systems It could be dispensed from a machine in RoboCop’s maintenance chamber and placed into paper cups It is not known how RoboCop actually ingested the paste; the paper cups seem to indicate a simple swallowing procedure

How heavy was the RoboCop suit? The suit used in RoboCop:prime Directives weighed anywhere from 55-65 pounds The original RoboSuit was a bit heavier, but was eventually lightened to its present weight The RoboCable suit weighed in at about forty pounds

Does RoboCop have a human brain?

The only human body parts that remain of Alex Murphy — the man who becomes RoboCop — are the brain and spinal cord of his central nervous system, two lungs, one arm, his face and most of his head To function, neural implants are inserted into his brain

What is RoboCop’s catchphrase? RoboCop: Serve the public trust, protect the innocent, uphold the law

What happened to RoboCop’s wife and son? In the novelization of RoboCop (adapted from an earlier version of the film’s script), following his death, Murphy’s wife and son signed on with MoonCorp and moved in with Ellen’s sister who lived at the Luna Industrial Plex

Why Is RoboCop a 18?

The violence and gore, in combination with scenes of drug use, pushed Robocop clearly into the 18 category in 1987 The strong comic book influence was recognised, as was the clear distinction between good and bad, with a hero “always on the side of right” giving the film “a firm moral base”

What happened to Alex Murphy? The pro-skater was later transferred to a nearby hospital in Tenerife, before being taken to a hospital in Miami where it was revealed that the stroke was caused by a condition called patent foramen ovale (PFO), also known as a hole in the heart, which led to a blood clot on Alex’s brain

How much of RoboCop is human?

Just the chin remains 50% of the remaining organic material is left, the other half is right I ve watched the 2nd episode of the tv series from 94, therein the creator of Robocop’s so called neural matrix,dr

Is RoboCop a human or robot? How human is it? How human is it meant to be? Robocop is made from a human combined with steel and electronics, making him a very human-like cyborg He has super-human strength and abilities but a limited memory

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