How did Nanami have the Dragon King’s eye inside?

TL;DR: Nanami is a direct descendant of Yukiji So the eye mystically passed from parent to child until it ended up inside Nanami After a girl of Yukiji’s lineage gets pregnant (and they can only have girls) The eye passes on to the child, leaving the mother’s system

However, Does Nanami have 2 familiars? Her familiars are Tomoe and Mizuki, both of whom appear to be very protective and endearing to her She has romantic affections for Tomoe, who begins to return the inclination, though reluctant to admit it

Did Nanami give away 30 years of her life?

Nanami tells her to take out the Dragon King’s eye which she agrees to so long as Nanami gives her thirty years of her life

Currently, What is Tomoe last name? Tomoe (Japanese: ともえ), a Japanese given name or surname It can be used by males or females, but is more commonly used by females

What is the ending of kamisama Hajimemashita? At the end of the manga that, after a 10 year time skip, she is married to Tomoe, who is now a human Mamoru is still with her, but he is a normal monkey since she is no longer a god She is shown to have worked as a kindergarten teacher during the interim, but is retiring due to the advancement of her pregnancy

Is Nanami still a god?

Nanami Quits Being A God is the 12th episode of Season 1 and overall the 12th episode of the Kamisama Kiss anime

Who does Mizuki end up with? Mizuki becomes a temporary husband for Unari when Kurama tricks her and angers her After accepting her for who she is and cares for her, she falls in love with him

Why did mikage choose Nanami? Mikage tells Otohiko that he chose Nanami because he knew she would definitely live up to his expectations As revealed in chapter 100 of the manga, Mikage met Nanami (while time traveling) twenty years in the past She told him she knew how to save Tomoe from the curse and Mikage made her explain everything

Is Tomoe a fox?

Tomoe (巴衛) is a fox yokai, presently serving as the familiar of Nanami Momozono in the manga and anime series, Kamisama Kiss

Is mikage still a god? He’s still the shrine’s god, he’s just handed over the practical responsibilities to Nanami

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