Is alcohol allowed on Belle Isle?

  1. Is alcohol allowed on the island?
  2. Alcohol is only allowed with a permit from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources

However, How much does it cost to get on Belle Isle? Admission to the Belle Isle Nature Center is free with entry to Belle Isle State Park

Can you camp overnight on Belle Isle?

Belle Isle Campground A campground located on Belle Isle, in Belle Harbor, on the northeast end of Isle Royale National Park Boats can use dock for overnight stays Stay Limit: 5 nights, effective 6/1 – Labor Day

Currently, Do you need a passport to go to Belle Isle? GETTING TO THE PARK Fee: Vehicles entering the island require a recreation passport ($12 annual pass for Michigan residents grants access to all MI State Parks) Passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit riders do not require a passport

Can you eat on Belle Isle? Absolutely! There are lots of spots to have a picnic at! over a year ago

How do you reserve a shelter on Belle Isle?

Shelter reservations can be made up to one year in advance – view shelter prices Visit MiDNRReservationscom ($8 online reservation fee) or call 1-800-44-PARKS / 1-800-447-2757 ($10 call center reservation fee)

Are dogs allowed on Belle Isle? Situated on the Detroit River, Belle Isle Park is the perfect escape from the urban landscape of downtown Detroit The park is pet-friendly and has a section of pet-friendly beach as well

Can you swim at Belle Isle? 2 Belle Isle Park You can swim in the Detroit River, with a view of the Detroit skyline, from Belle Isle’s beach The island, which sits right on the river in between the United States and Canada, became Michigan’s 102nd state park in 2014 as part of a lease agreement with the City of Detroit

What is Belle Isle Worth?

The plan is being pushed by developer Rodney Lockwood who wants the city to let him turn the 982-acre island park into a private commonwealth — at the hefty the price of $1 billion

Is it safe to go to Belle Isle? Since Belle Isle has been taken over by the State of Michigan it is clean, calm, fun and safe It’s a wonderful oasis outside of the city It was designed by the same landscape architect that designed New York Central Park

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