Is Betty pregnant in Riverdale?

Betty (Lili Reinhart) realises her period is late and she decides to take a pregnancy test Her boyfriend Archie (KJ Apa) is there to offer some kind and supportive words that have reduced fans to tears

However, Is there going to be anymore Riverdale? The sixth season of Riverdale debuted on November 16, 2021, and after a brief midseason hiatus, finally returned to The CW on March 20, 2022

Do Betty and Jughead have babies?

Currently, Are Archie and Betty getting married? Synopsis Archie & Betty discover many things have changed in Riverdale in the year they were in New York City They run into Jughead & Midge and are shocked to learn that they are now married

Does Betty have Archie’s baby? Desperate to have a child of her own, Betty conspired with Cheryl and the town of Rivervale to sacrifice Archie to the Maple Maiden And while she managed to conceive, her child was later taken from her womb by La Llorona

Does Riverdale End After season 7?

The CW is bidding farewell to Riverdale The fan-favorite series is ending after seven seasons, the CW announced on Thursday Its final episodes will premiere midseason, though the network did not announce a finale date or confirm the number of episodes

Did Riverdale get Cancelled? The CW is saying goodbye to Riverdale The Archie Comics series, developed and executive produced by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, is ending with its seventh season, which will debut in midseason

Who is Tbk in Riverdale? The Trash Bag Killer was a recurring character on The CW’s Riverdale He was portrayed by Doug Chapman Also known as TBK, he is a migrating serial killer who Betty encountered while working as a trainee for the FBI

Who does Jughead end up with?

In this series, Jughead has taken over Pop’s from Pop Tate and has renamed it Jughead’s, which later spanned a franchise in each respective universe He ended up abandoning the franchise to operate the original shoppe in Riverdale In this series, he ends up marrying Midge Klump in one universe, and Ethel in the other

Who married Betty? “The Wedding” is Part 5 in the 6 issue story arc of Archie Marries Veronica/Archie Marries Betty that was originally presented in Archie # 604 The story features a futuristic look into the life of Archie Andrews and his wedding to Betty Cooper

Who married Archie?

After 67 years, the longest love triangle in comics history appears to come to an end: Archie proposes — not to Betty, the blond girl next door, but to Veronica, the dark-haired beauty and Riverdale’s rich girl Courtesy of TM & 2009 Archie Comic Publications, Inc

Does Betty marry Jughead? Betty & Jughead Betty and Jughead’s relationship fell apart before they went off to college after he found out about her and Archie Then came that voicemail he left her while drunk in New York The two were back to investigating together near the end of Season 5, but both are now involved with other people

How did Riverdale end?

In the finale, it’s revealed that a comet is heading straight for Riverdale, and the season-long villain Percival Pickens has trapped them within the borders of the town with a spell In order to break the spell and stop the comet, the Superteens try just about everything

Who does Jughead end up with in season 6?

Jughead and Tabitha shared a sweet date at Pop’s, where Tabitha fast-forwarded time to show them growing old together with two kids Aguirre-Sacasa told Nerds of Color that Cheryl and Toni (aka Choni) “will continue” in season 7, but their story will look a bit different because of the 1950s context

Who does Jughead end up? He ended up abandoning the franchise to operate the original shoppe in Riverdale In this series, he ends up marrying Midge Klump in one universe, and Ethel in the other

Is Betty pregnant in Riverdale season 6? Betty is not pregnant And Archie is bummed about it Betty assures him that it will happen someday and that perhaps “the universe just wants us to stop the bad guys first” Sure, but how many bad guys do you have to stop because Riverdale seems to have an endless supply

Does Archie marry Betty in Riverdale season 6?

Betty gets an offer to head up the FBI’s serial killer division with Agent Drake, but she turns it down, saying she’s “moving towards the light” She also changes her mind and proposes to Archie, which he happily accepts

Who did Archie marry in Riverdale? In Issues # 600–602, the story features a futuristic look into the life of Riverdale teen Archie Andrews in the years that follow his college graduation when Archie makes his ultimate decision to marry spoiled rich girl Veronica Lodge instead of sweet girl next door Betty Cooper

Is Riverdale finished now?

The Simple Reason “Riverdale” Will End After Season 7 CW’s “Riverdale” has garnered a widespread, loyal fanbase since it first premiered in 2017, but the CW announced on May 19 that the show’s next season, season seven, will be its last

Is Riverdale show over? “Riverdale” will end with Season 7 at The CW, the broadcaster has announced The news was part of The CW’s 2022 fall schedule release, which stated that the popular series will debut its seventh and final season at midseason in 2023

Is KJ leaving Riverdale?

“I’m sad to be saying goodbye to Riverdale next season, to our sets, to our crew, to our producers, to our CW family but I can speak for everyone, for Cammy, Cole, Lili and the rest of our cast that we are so grateful for everyone’s support,” he said on stage

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