Is Boruto stronger than Naruto?

  1. Whether or not Boruto surpasses Naruto is merely a question of time, as it is inevitable
  2. Naruto lost Kurama which makes him significantly weaker than he used to be
  3. That being said, he is definitely one of the strongest Shinobis in the village despite losing Kurama
  4. Boruto has proved his strength multiple times

Then, Who is Boruto son?

Kawaki as designed by Mikio Ikemoto
First appearance Boruto: Naruto Next Generations chapter 1: Boruto Uzumaki
Created by Ukyō Kodachi
Designed by Mikio Ikemoto

Who can defeat Naruto? Naruto: 7 Characters Capable of Killing Naruto (& 7 Who Don’t Stand A Chance)

  1. 1 DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE: Orochimaru
  2. 2 CAPABLE: Sasuke Uchiha
  4. 4 CAPABLE: Hagoromo Otsutsuki
  5. 5 DOESN’T STAND A CHANCE: Konohamaru Sarutobi
  6. 6 CAPABLE: Kawaki

Beyond, Can Sasuke beat Naruto without Kurama?

To the fandom it seems that, although it would be extremely difficult, it is not impossible, and at worst the fight might result in a draw The reason for that is, even without Kurama, Naruto still retains his Sage of Six Paths mode and his own Sage Mode that he mastered through training

How strong is Boruto eye?

This eye is also referred as the All-Seeing White Eye since it allows user to have nearly 360-degree vision So far, only Hyuga and Otsutsuki clan possess this Dojutsu, inherited directly from Kaguya Otsutsuki herself

Who is 8th Hokage? As evident from a multitude of events, Shikamaru has always been at the top of every decision that Konoha has taken Therefore, he is arguably the most likely candidate to replace Naruto Uzumaki as the eighth Hokage in the series if the need arises

What is Boruto’s eye? Boruto’s eye is named the Jougan It’s exclusive to Boruto and allows him to see chakra paths and travel beyond dimensions The eye is only known by the Otsutsuki Clan who warn of its immense power and inevitable clash with a preordained destiny

What is Boruto’s eye called? Boruto eyes is neither byakugan or tenseigan He possesses a unique dojutsu named the “Jougan” This eye is exclusive to him alone and is somewhat linked to the Otsutsuki, as they are the only ones aware of its great power and the impending doom that comes with it What is this?

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