Is saving face based on a true story?

  1. While Wu is clear that Saving Face isn’t based on her own life, she has stated that one of her goals with this film was to give positive representation to her mother
  2. The mother-daughter relationship is at the heart of Saving Face

However, What is another word for saving face? Face-saving synonyms Find another word for face-saving In this page you can discover 5 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for face-saving, like: face saver, tidying-up, preventive war, conciliatory and box-ticking

What is saving face in Chinese culture?

China, Living Abroad In Chinese culture, the concept of ‘face’, AKA mianzi (mi-an-ze), refers to the amount of “dignity” or “prestige” that’s associated with an individual So, ‘saving face’ means to keep others from losing respect for oneself or to avoid embarrassment

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Is save face an idiom? Idiom: Save face (meaning & examples)

How do I get mianzi?

Mianzi may be translated as ‘honor’, ‘reputation’ and ‘respect’

Tips for giving/gaining face:

  1. Paying someone a compliment
  2. Inviting someone out for dinner (and picking up the bill)
  3. Giving an expensive gift when meeting someone

What is the concept of face? The concept of face refers to a social representation of a person reflecting the respect, regard or confidence others have in them which the person in question is conscious or aware of himself or herself (Goffman 1972, p 5)

What does mianzi mean? The Chinese word mianzi (面子) means literally ‘face’, and it refers to the recognition of an individual’s social status and prestige by others Mianzi can be earned, saved, borrowed, and maneuvered (Hu 1944; Hwang 1987; Kinnison 2017)

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