What are the Bullingdon boys?

  1. The New York Times told its readers in 1913 that “The Bullingdon represents the acme of exclusiveness at Oxford; it is the club of the sons of nobility, the sons of great wealth; its membership represents the ‘young bloods’ of the university”

However, Did the Libertines exist at Oxford? But, you cry, this is all just a fictional group! From a fictional novel! Well, yes and no While there’s obviously no real-life Libertine fraternity of Oxford University, it’s in no small part based on the real-life Bullingdon Club; and the similarities are endless

Is the libertine a real club?

The Libertines Club is a fictionalised version of the real male-only Oxford dining club and drinking society, which was founded at Oxford Uni in 1780, originally as a cricket and hunting club

Currently, Is James Whitehouse a real person? James Whitehouse is not a real person Unfortunately, neither is his wife Sophie, played deliciously by Sienna Miller Nor is Michelle Dockery’s tough-as-nails lawyer, Kate Woodcroft, or anyone else who appears on the Anatomy of a Scandal screen

Who are the Libertines based on? Anatomy of a Scandal’s Libertines were inspired by the Bullingdon Club, an Oxford dining club that’s exclusively for men Unlike the secret societies that have inspired many fictional works, the Bullingdon Club is undoubtedly a real fraternity

Which Oxford college anatomy is a scandal?

Some scenes meant to be based at Oxford University were filmed in Winchester College in Hampshire

Whats it like at Oxford? One of the best things about going to university is the social life Oxford is no different There are lots of people to meet, things to do and chances to discover new interests and talents While Oxford students work hard, they still have plenty of time to have a laugh, relax and enjoy themselves

What were libertines at Oxford? Omertà Libertines is the rallying cry of the obnoxiously privileged Oxford alums at the center of Anatomy of a Scandal In essence the phrase is a posh version of snitches get stitches As James’ lifetime of lies illustrates, members of the secret society/dining club don’t turn on one another — no matter what

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