What happens to Jamal in hardball?

  1. Jordan played Jamal, one of the older kids who was sadly kicked off the team after an opposing coach made a fuss about his age
  2. Jamal reluctantly got sucked into the street life after that, hit a downward stride

However, What is Hardball slang for? play hardball informal, mainly US and Canadian to act in a ruthless or uncompromising way

What’s Hardball mean?

1 : baseball 2 : forceful uncompromising methods employed to gain an end played political hardball

Currently, What does playing Hardball mean? Act aggressively and ruthlessly, as in It’s only a month before the election, and I’m sure they’ll start to play hardball This term originated in baseball, where it alludes to using the standard ball as opposed to the slightly larger and minimally softer ball of softball

Why is baseball called hardball? Hardball, in English, more specifically American English, generally refers to baseball (as opposed to its variant softball), especially when played very competitively Metaphorically, it refers to uncompromising and ruthless methods or dealings, especially in politics

What does playing it close to the vest mean?

Definition of play/hold/keep one’s cards close to the/one’s chest/vest : to keep one’s plans, ideas, etc, hidden from other people No one knows if he’s going to run for reelection He’s still playing his cards close to his chest

What is name dropper mean? Meaning of name-dropper in English a person who enjoys name-dropping (= talking about famous people that they have met): He is a constant name-dropper, but that’s because those names are the only people he knows

Where did the term hardball originate? This term originated in baseball, where it alludes to using the standard ball as opposed to the slightly larger and minimally softer ball of softball It was transferred to describe aggressive behavior only in the 1970s

What does have a wild time mean?

Present participle for to party or revel excessively or noisily whooping it up celebrating enjoying oneself having fun

What does it mean to feel queasy? Definition of queasy 1a : causing nausea queasy motion b : suffering from nausea : nauseated 2 : full of doubt : hazardous 3a : causing uneasiness b(1) : delicate, squeamish

What does Tough break mean?

A trying or troublesome circumstance, bad luck, as in He got a tough break when he was denied a raise, or Tough luck for the team last night This idiom uses tough in the sense of “difficult,” a usage dating from the early 1600s

What is well versed means? Definition of versed : having knowledge gained by close association, study, or experience —usually + in an attorney well versed in corporate law [=an attorney who is knowledgeable about corporate law]At these points Dr Shepherd seemed very much the newcomer, not yet versed in the institution’s codes —

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