Who did Ayanokoji end up with?

  1. As of this writing, Ayanokoji is dating Kei
  2. In the anime, no one would have thought of this possibility

However, Does Ayanokoji end up with horikita? Their relationship continued to progress as Horikita now wants to understand Ayanokoji better She knows that she needs him to achieve her goal and to improve herself as well Their relationship continues to be platonic in the recent light novel chapters

Does Suzune have feelings for Kiyotaka?

She considers Kiyotaka to be an indispensable person to her and her whole class, as well as an important comrade who she and her fellow classmates can’t do without Additionally, she added that if he was in a precarious situation, it would be impossible for her not to rush to his side and aid him

Currently, Will Kushida get expelled? Kushida kept voting for yes so they had to decide – Kiyo was going to expel Kushida but Horikita said she will definitely not allow Kushida to get expelled (out of Kiyo’s expectation) and was doubting about sacrificing Sakura, she then decided not to but Kiyotaka did it instead of her

What is Ayanokoji hiding? He appears not to enjoy showing off his talents, which was the main reason for concealing himself from unwarranted attention It’s unknown why he hides his intellect, but it is shown in a flashback that a mysterious man, later revealed to be his father, informed him that those who would hide their talent are fools

Does horikita reach Class A?

As of this writing, Horikita, along with the other students of Class D, are still not in Class A They have, however, moved up to Class B after the unanimous special exam and sports festival

Who is the traitor in Class D? In Volume 6 of Classroom of the Elite it is revealed that Shiho Maabe was the traitor Kakeru Ryuen was a victim of her plan to win the festival She made a recording and sent it to Class D

Do Ayanokoji and Kei get together? In the epilogue of volume 115, during the spring break before becoming second years, Kiyotaka declares his love for her to which she accepts and they officially became a couple

Who is the main female lead in Classroom of the Elite?

Kikyō Kushida Kikyo Kushida is one of the main characters of Classroom of the Elite She is popular among her classmates due to her friendly personality and attractiveness

What is the goal of Ayanokoji? His training led him to believe that all humans are nothing, but tools and that victory is all that matters in the world With this point of view, he became determined to win no matter what and sacrifice anything or anyone to achieve his goal of obtaining victory

Who is the main heroine in Classroom of the Elite?

In the first season of Classroom of the Elite, it appeared that Suzune was the main heroine as she is the one who is mostly with Ayanokoji

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