Who played Howard in Down Periscope?

  1. Harry Dean Stanton: Howard Quotes (3)

However, Was the USS Stingray a real submarine? The first Stingray (Submarine No 13), was a C-class submarine in commission from 1909 to 1919 that was renamed USS C-2 in 1911 and served during World War I The second USS Stingray (SS-186) was a Salmon-class submarine in commission from 1938 to 1945 that served during World War II

Who was the cook in Down Periscope?

Down Periscope (1996) – Ken Hudson Campbell as Buckman – IMDb

Currently, Does Netflix have periscope down? Down Periscope is currently not on Netflix

Are the Village People in Down Periscope? Three of the original Village People were in attendance: “Native American” Felipe Rose, “construction worker” David Hodo and “soldier” Alex Briley Simpson has been with the group since the early ’80s, when Jeff Olson replaced original “cowboy” Randy Jones

Who was the captain in the picture in Down Periscope?

Down Periscope (1996) – William H Macy as Captain Knox – IMDb

Where was up periscope filmed? The Hollywood Reporter review reported that the film was shot “on expensive locations in the Pacific An August 1957 Daily Variety news item reported that the rights to Robb White’s novel Up Periscope were purchased by the “producing trio” of Edwin F Zabel, Koch and Schenk and that White was to write the screenplay

Is Down Periscope Disney? Watch Down Periscope | Full movie | Disney+

What military ship is docked in San Francisco?

Pier 45 San Francisco is home to two historic war vessels: The SS Jeremiah O’Brien and the USS Pampanito Both were used during World War II This historic pier is in the heart of the Fisherman’s Wharf neighborhood It’s the perfect stop for war history buffs

Can you go on the USS Pampanito? Tickets & Tours You can buy tickets in person for this tour It’s usually not too busy here, so you won’t have any problems buying tickets at the time of your visit You can spend as much or as little time on the USS Pampanito as you want

What ship is at Pier 35?

The USS Monsoor and the USS Shoup are docked at Pier 35 The USS Rushmore is at Piers 30/32 The USS McCain is also docked at Pier 35 but is not open to the general public Good morning from the USS Shoup!

Why is there an aircraft carrier in San Francisco Bay? “The Independence was used as a target ship for two Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests in 1946 It was then moored in San Francisco as the Navy used it to study nuclear decontamination But by 1951, the Navy scuttled it off the coast and kept the site secret

What aircraft carrier is in San Francisco?

USS Hornet Museum

USS Hornet docked in Alameda
NRHP reference No 91002065
CHL No 1029
Significant dates
Added to NRHP December 4, 1991

Where is the USS San Francisco?

San Francisco completed repairs and sea trials in April 2009, then shifted homeport to Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego, California

Do cruise ships go under the Golden Gate Bridge? Yes you will go beneath the bridgethe Port of SFis in the bay

What ships are at Fleet Week in San Francisco? Parade of Ships

  • USS Rushmore
  • USS John S McCain
  • USS Michael Monsoor
  • USS Michael Monsoor
  • USS Shoup
  • USS Rushmore
  • USS John S McCain

Do cruise ships leave out of San Francisco?

What cruise lines depart from San Francisco? Popular amongst many cruise lines including Cunard Line, Holland America Line, and Princess Cruises

Can you go inside the USS Pampanito? Tickets & Tours You can buy tickets in person for this tour It’s usually not too busy here, so you won’t have any problems buying tickets at the time of your visit You can spend as much or as little time on the USS Pampanito as you want

What does the word Pampanito mean?

from The Century Dictionary noun A fish, Trachynotus rhodopus, belonging to the family Carangidæ, found on the Pacific coast of tropical America south to Panama

Which ship sank the most ships in ww2? With 116,454 tons sunk, the USS Tang sank the most tonnage of shipping in World War II for the United States Its tonnage was revised from the Joint Army–Navy Assessment Committee (JANAC) report, which initially credited Tang with fewer sinkings

Where is the USS San Diego?

The San Diego was decommisioned in November 1946 and placed in the Pacific Reserve Fleet in Bremerton, Washington It was redesignated CLAA-53 in 1949, was struck from the Naval Vessel Register 10 years later, and was scrapped in Seattle in 1960 The USS

What submarine hit an underwater mountain? The US Navy submarine USS Connecticut ran into an underwater mountain in the South China Sea last October Months earlier, in April 2021, the submarine hit a pier in San Diego The command investigation said the submarine’s leadership failed to learn from the first incident

What is the best warship ever?

The best battleships and warships of all time

  • HMS Victory Despite its age, the HMS Victory might be one of the most well-known warships of all time
  • USS Constitution
  • German battleship Bismarck
  • USS Missouri
  • Zumwalt Class Destroyers
  • HMS Dreadnought
  • HMS Queen Elizabeth
  • HMS Defender

What is the greatest battleship of all time? air raids but also the Yamato, the greatest battleship in the world (72,000 tons, with nine 181-inch [460-millimetre] guns), which was sent out on a suicidal mission with only enough fuel for the single outward voyage and without sufficient air cover

What is the most famous US battleship?

The USS Missouri has been described as the most famous battleship ever built Nicknamed “Mighty Mo,” the Missouri was an Iowa-class battleship that saw combat in World War II, the Korean War and the Gulf War

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