Why is the harem king protecting Jihan?

  1. He is first mentioned as being a protector of Jihan, going so far as to warn the major factions of the abyss that should they attack the gamer then he will personally deal with them
  2. This serves as a powerful enough incentive for the major powers to loose interest in Jihan

However, Who had the largest harem in history? With 400 rooms spread over several buildings, many designed by the Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, it is the world’s largest harem – the enclosed quarters in a polygamous household that are reserved for women and forbidden to men

Who is the strongest in the gamer?

Zach Hadel: World’s Strongest Gamer

Currently, Who is the gamer dad? Gamer dads (males who engage with video games and have children under the age of 18) make up a significant portion of the gaming audience, representing one-fifth of all gamers

What is the level of Han Jihan? Later he saw that her level was 15 and had title “The Legendary Housewife” After some time, Jihan always had the feeling that his mother might be a powerful ability user

Do harems still exist today?

Surprisingly, said Croutier, harems still exist, partially because of the current wave of Moslem fundamentalism ‘Polygamy has been outlawed in Turkey and China, the two greatest harem nations, but is still a flourishing practice in the Middle East and Africa,’ she says

Which Ottoman sultan had 400 wives?

Suleiman The Magnificent
Spouse Mahidevran ( m 1514; div 1553) Hürrem Sultan ( m 1533; died 1558)
Issue Şehzade Mahmud Şehzade Mustafa Raziye Sultan Şehzade Murad Şehzade Mehmed Mihrimah Sultan Şehzade Abdullah Selim II Şehzade Bayezid Şehzade Cihangir
Names Süleyman Şah bin Selim Şah Han
Dynasty Ottoman

What is a male harem called? When a male (yaoi) or female (hetero) is the center of attention for a group of males, this is usually called male harem, reverse harem, or sometimes 逆ハーレム or gyaku hāremu Gyaku translates to reverse or upside down

How many chapters is the gamer?

The arc notion was abolished as of chapter 29 The chapters are currently grouped into five seasons

Chapter list

No Chapters Title
1 1-86 The Gamer – Season 1
2 87-123 The Gamer – Season 2
3 124-195 The Gamer – Season 3
4 196-349 The Gamer – Season 4

Who is Jihans mother? Han Jeongsook (한정숙, Hanjeongsug) is the mother of Jihan

Who is the strongest character in media?

Here is our list of the most powerful fictional characters across all forms of media

  • Goku (Dragon Ball Series)
  • Scarlet Witch (Marvel Comics)
  • Onslaught (Marvel Comics)
  • Saitama (One-Punch Man)
  • Mr Mxyzptlk (DC Comics)
  • Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls)
  • The Living Tribunal (Marvel Comics)
  • Dr Manhattan (DC Comics, Watchmen)

When did the gamer release? In September 2011, the Game started working on his fifth studio album, Jesus Piece, which was released on December 11, 2012, his final album released by Interscope

The Game (rapper)

The Game
Occupation(s) Rapper songwriter record producer actor
Years active 2000–present

How many levels are in it takes 2?

It Takes Two has a total of seven chapters, each of which has several different game mechanics at play for you to to enjoy There’s a lot of game to dive into here, especially if you’re going to be completing optional challenges and playing minigames, so take your time

How many worlds does it take 2?

It Takes Two chapter list It Takes Two contains nine chapters in total That’ll take players through some diverse settings from a snowy mountain to outer space Here’s every area you’ll explore throughout the adventure

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