Ghost Trick

Phantom Tricks: Phantom Detectives Review

Phantom Tricks: Phantom Detectives Review


Ghost Trick is the weirdest game ever made.

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what is it? Solve a murder case. surprise! is yours.
release date: June 29, 2023
Estimated payment: £24.98 / $29.99
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Comment date: i7-10750H, RTX 3070 (laptop), 16GB RAM, SSD
multiplayer game? No
Association: steam

Phantom Trick: Phantom Detective is a murder mystery game in the form of a puzzle game created by Takumi Takumi (Ace Attorney, Dinosaur Crisis 2) featuring a dead man who often says things like: “Think Look, the desk lamp is right” after talking to a possessed inanimate object. The lights are right! In the world of Ghost Trick, even light sources can help you solve crimes.

Our recently deceased amnesiac hero Sissel has just been told that he can go back four minutes in time to prevent a young woman from being shot by a myopic assassin using a mixture of bicycles, flags and old guitars – so she can be shot again in the somewhere else. Sissel would save her life then too. And then again.

Instead of choosing which keys to find, scribbles to read, and people to interrogate in the usual mystery games, you can use your ghostly powers to possess everything from umbrellas to telephones in order to change the fate of those unfairly doomed before death. Before the last critical moment of life. Doing so puts you on the path to revealing the many secrets behind your own death.

The iron-clad internal logic of “Phantom Trick” keeps this time-bending spooky event from spiraling into supernatural chaos. The script takes the time to directly answer questions like “If I can own things, why can’t I own my own dead body and get out of here?” Early on, and then continue to prevent all the other “hey, why can’t I…” situations that follow.

Another really elegant puzzle design in Ghost Trick: I couldn’t inspect or manipulate anything useless.It’s one of those little details that makes a huge difference, because no matter how weird “Phantom Trick” gets — and good guy Is this a really weird game? I never glumly jump from one ridiculous object to another, wondering what the hell I’m supposed to be doing with my fridge and blender.

ghost show not only want to I got to unravel its layered onion mystery, and it made a real effort to cheer me up. Cecil understands his current situation as well as I do, so it always feels like we’re working through the whole “sudden death” thing together. Whenever I have ghostly company, I can almost guarantee that when I’m about to solve another problem, they will enthusiastically deliver something positive that turns the otherwise simple placement of the last piece of each puzzle into an exciting one. orgasm. What if I make a huge mistake at the last moment? The ghost show doesn’t mind. Sissel’s ability to rewind time meant that screwing up and retrying was actually baked into the plot, and there was a good chance I’d see exactly what went wrong along the way.

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Lynne won’t let her own death stop her (Image credit: Capcom) Exaggerated animations make it easy to parse detailed scenes (Image credit: Capcom) To be honest, I’m just squeezing more missiles here (Image credit: Capcom) ) blue highlights remove deadly confusion (Image credit: Capcom) Some people just don’t like confusion (Image credit: Capcom)

That kind of hearty attitude would usually look out of place in a game where it seems impossible to go five minutes without someone getting murdered, but Ghost Trick knows how to keep things light. There’s always a strong ACME-like logic to your spooky activities, and before you know it, you’re rolling donuts and having Christmas decorations like you’re the star of an old Looney Tunes cartoon. This knowingly absurd idea has me throwing myself into death after death without ever feeling horrible – it’s supposed to be stupid, and, if you can figure out how to save them, every casualty of this long night All will be fine.

Even when I got bogged down and exhausted every bit of dialogue I could find, the gorgeous, artistically over-the-top animation of the stylishly textured cast kept me going. I’ve never seen a woman with a perfectly manicured hand glued to a wine glass before lighting a match behind her back, but that memory will stay with me forever. I swear, no one in this game has the power to sit in a chair without making it seem like an event.

These lavish decorations are not only beautiful, but also give you a glimpse into each character’s personality. Before they even have a word to say, you can immediately see the contrast between the tense guard and the one slumped back in his chair. The professionalism of the hired gun is reflected in his every precise movement. The dump supervisor casually slid down the banister in his office, silently demonstrating his familiarity with the building.

No matter what screen resolution, windowed/windowless mode, or aspect ratio you choose from the game’s rather small graphics options, Ghost Trick always displays within the 4:3 game area in the pillarbox window. You might wonder why Capcom didn’t add full-screen 16:9 support to this HD remaster of an old DS game – isn’t that a bare minimum feature? It didn’t take long, though, to discover that every fun puzzle and every illuminating cutscene was designed with this very specific vision in mind. Asking for more feels as wrong as asking an AI to draw anything outside the frame of the Mona Lisa.

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Death is seen as another step in the process (Image credit: Capcom) You can review important information at any time (Image credit: Capcom) Sissel is surprisingly comfortable with dying (Image credit: Capcom) Listen to the game’s catchy musicMusic menu Soundtrack in (Image credit: Capcom) In -4 minutes, this will all be fixed (Image credit: Capcom) Chicken Kitchen definitely does not offer vegetarian options (Image credit: Capcom)

Ghost Trick is so beautifully crafted I’m happy to call it Art, and you don’t scale and crop the top and bottom of your artwork, or stretch it or invent something new to go around the edges (except for unobtrusive wallpapers, Ghost Trick has a healthy selection). However, it’s a shame Capcom didn’t offer better aspect ratio support. Cannot take advantage of the extra real estate of the Steam Deck’s 16:10 screen.Strangely, if you set the resolution to 640×480 (perfect for a CRT), you lose a lot of space to pillarboxing and Letterbox rather than the playback area that fills the entire 4:3 window.

But it’s the game’s equivalent of a can’t-miss crime novel, a gripping suspense novel where every answer leads to three more questions and brings together 10 seemingly unrelated people in ways you’d never imagined. or places linked together. Honestly, I didn’t stop until I finished watching it, and when I’m done, all I want to do is commit again, deadline be damned, pick every line, poke every object, and see what else I can do . Can be found in this story treasure.

Ghost Trick would fit better in my PC games library, and I’m sure yours will too, especially since it’s Steam Deck-validated, so you can (and should) take on this unforgettable adventure anytime, anywhere.

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