Battlefield 2042 studio GM responds to poor launch - "everyone is disappointed"

Battlefield 2042 studio GM responds to poor launch – "everyone is disappointed"

Battlefield 2042 studio GM responds to poor launch – "everyone is disappointed"

Battlefield developer DICE’s new general manager reacts to Battlefield 2042’s poor launch, explaining what went wrong and how the studio — and EA as a whole — continue to believe in the series’ development.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Rebecka Coutaz said that one of the first issues Battlefield 2042 encountered was the organization of the development team and the work-from-home setup brought on by the pandemic.

“Working from home is different, and even though it’s the way we work now, it takes time to get used to,” Coutaz said. “And it takes time to figure out how to work well together.”

“Everyone is disappointed – our community, our players and our team. This is a team that has put years of life into this game,” she said of the game’s difficult start added. “That game didn’t live up to any expectations from the team or the players, it was tough. We’re going forward and we’ve done a lot since then.”

After a rocky start to Battlefield 2042, DICE reshuffled the top teams. As part of a wider restructuring, DICE’s former managing director, Oskar Gabrielson, left the studio along with DICE’s content chief, design chief and executive producer. Coutaz joined GM as she assembled a new leadership team that included creative director Lars Gustavsson and veterans such as producers Ryan McArthur and Andreas Morell.

After forming a new leadership team, Coutaz said the next task is to adapt Battlefield 2042 to “real-time management.” Under the previous system, teams were organized around the launch of Battlefield 2042, but not necessarily the rest of the journey, Coutaz said. “We have to get organized to manage on-site so we can continue to repair the health of the game and continue to create great content and high-quality content for our players,” she said.

Coutaz also confirmed that DICE held a retrospective on the poor launch of Battlefield 2042, gathering feedback from DICE, EA Gothenburg, Criterion, and Ripple Effect.

“It took us about two months to do this analysis, and since then we’ve made changes in our organization, structure, tools, processes and communication in co-development to really arm ourselves to be able to make great game and making Battlefield 2042 is another great game,” Kurtaz said.

The new Season 1: Zero Hour Update adds a new map, and some players want to see more. But Coutaz said the focus is on quality, not necessarily quantity.

“Some players say the content isn’t enough, but what we’re really focusing on is the quality of the content. I really think we did it — we got great feedback from the community, so we’re confident,” she said.

In related news, DICE has confirmed that it is now fully focused on Battlefield 2042, which means fans of Mirror’s Edge may be out of luck.

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