Call of Duty Ricochet anti-cheat leads to "important" Activision says cheating cheaters

Call of Duty Ricochet anti-cheat leads to "important" Activision says cheating cheaters


Activision has released a new blog post with an update on Call of Duty anti-cheat tool Ricochet, detailing how it has fared so far and what’s ahead for Vanguard, Warzone, Modern Warfare 2, and Warzone 2.0.

Activision said that since the launch of Ricochet in 2021, the number of cheaters in Call of Duty has dropped “significantly” and in some cases cheating has “unfortunately increased.” That’s “the ebb and flow of expectations, which is a frustrating reality in gaming security,” Activision said.

Activision said it expects people to continue creating new cheats to bypass existing systems — some of which Activision can foresee and plan ahead for, but others will pop up and require new systems, the publisher said.

“Let’s assume, today, we know all the nefarious ways cheaters try to influence the game to disrupt your experience. Our team uses this knowledge to prevent this bad behavior and punish bad actors,” Activision said. “While our teams have been able to build systems that can rapidly detect and respond to bad behavior, we know that tomorrow will continue to deliver new and evolving threats.”

Instead, the focus is on improving the speed at which Ricochet detects bad behavior and deploys one of the game’s many “mitigation” techniques. Activision says that by using these technologies, studios can understand what they can do to better protect their games.

“Every day, that’s what we do. We’re constantly strengthening our systems as we’re capturing new data, dissecting it, and implementing additional changes. In short, we’re constantly working to combat cheating,” the publisher explained .

Activision began using “mitigation” technology to help understand cheaters’ behavior to prevent similar situations in the future. Now, when cheaters are detected, Activision will keep them in the game, but their abilities will be greatly reduced. Keeping cheaters in the game gives Activision’s Ricochet team more time and means to analyze their behavior.

“For some reason, cheaters feel superior when they use software to win games where they can’t win business. Hit them with mitigations that turn those euphoria of pretending the best into glorious annoyance. We’ve seen these clips, ” said Activision.

One of these mitigation techniques is called damage shields. Players who decide to cheat can still shoot at you and deal damage, but non-cheating players get a damage buff. The other is called camouflage, which makes the shot non-cheating player invisible, and the cheater goes around looking for targets, making themselves vulnerable in the process. Disarmament is another mitigation technique. As the name suggests, this takes away the cheater’s weapons, including fists.

“We saw a slight spike as cheaters changed tactics, but based on this data, our mitigation systems and other anti-cheat initiatives can quickly get back on track over time so you can focus on your experience ,” Activision said.

The publisher teased that it was working on other mitigation technologies; some are in the game now, and some will be released at a later date. In addition to cracking down on unfair games, Activision says its secondary goal is to simply “piss off as many cheaters as possible” to help drive them out of the game.

Activision also banned Warzone and Vanguard cheaters. The publisher said it has banned another 180,000 players from Warzone and Vanguard since late April 2022.

Going forward, Ricochet will launch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 later this year. Activision says players will encounter cheaters in these games, but the company won’t stop working to stamp out bad behavior.

“Are you going to run into cheaters? Sadly, maybe yes, but we’re working endlessly to get them out of the game faster and better (by force or annoyance) and let you focus on the fun,” the the company said.

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