CoD: Vanguard Zombies Shi No Numa Guide to the Main Easter Eggs

CoD: Vanguard Zombies Shi No Numa Guide to the Main Easter Eggs


Call of Duty: Vanguard Season 4 is now available with the Mercenaries of Fortune update, bringing an “enhanced” version of the Shi No Numa Zombies map from 2008’s Call of Duty: World at War. While this map introduced Vanguard to the traditional turn-based gameplay of Zombies, this new version of Shi No Numa comes with an all-new storyline mission tied to Treyarch’s ongoing Dark Aether narrative. Here, we’ll walk you through this storyline Easter egg.

How to complete Shi No Numa’s main quest

Step 1: Build the Wonder Weapon

Completing Shi No Numa’s Easter requires you to use the map’s Wunderwaffe DG-2 Wonder Weapon. So the first step is focused on opening the map in the first few rounds to get perks and collect parts to build the Wunderwaffe DG-2. Make sure to skip to step 2 so you can work on the other steps while you’re actively building your amazing weapon, especially since step 2 is easily done in the fifth round.

The Wunderwaffe DG-2 is located on the workbench in the hut marked Storage, but some parts need to be found to build a working version of Wonder Weapon. It’s worth noting that you can randomly get the Wunderwaffe DG-2 from the mystery box, but it won’t appear in the weapon pool until round 10. You’d better follow the task steps to build it.

first, from the starting area on the upper level of the main hut, pay 1,000 Essence points to open the stairs to the lower level of the building. The next door you should open is the door from the hunting area to the doctor’s quarters, so you’ll unlock the area you need to unlock in step 2 of the fifth turn. After completing the fifth round, you should have enough points to open more maps and keep building amazing weapons. The next door you’ll open is a giant whipping trap outside the main cabin. Pay 1,000 Essence points to unlock the path, which will take you to the fishing hut.

fishing hut barrel section

In the fishing hut, there is a barrel section on a shelf inside the building. Turn right when entering the door. This section is highlighted in yellow so it’s easy to notice. Bring this barrel section to the north end of the map. There is a green electrical box in the water outside the communication room. Interact with the box to place this part. You need to end the round here, so kill any remaining zombies to continue.

The green electrical box of the Comm Room Exterior can be seen in the distance here

A bolt of lightning will hit the box and start a defensive wave of zombies. Just survive the waves, and once you’re done, you can grab the second part. Go to the communication room immediately and remove the live vacuum tube part from the radio in the room. You will also need to go back and grab the barrel part that was placed in the electrical box earlier.

The third piece is the electrical fuse part, which you’ll find on a desk inside the office. Take this electrical fuse to the storage room. Inside the storage compartment is an electronic trap that can be activated. Interact with the trap, which will cause damage to the device and indicate that you need a fuse to fix it. Fortunately, you already have it. Interact with the trap again to place the electrical fuse part. Activate the repaired trap and start killing zombies with it. After killing enough zombies, you will get a voice prompt. This step is to charge the second vacuum tube part located near the Wonder Weapon workbench, so you don’t have to grab it. This is where it needs to be.

last part, you’ll need the help of the Vanguard’s Zaballa special masked enemy type, but she doesn’t start spawning until round 15. Once you reach round 15, lure Zaballa to the excavation room hut located on the lower level of the Main. There is a giant Tesla coil on the wall inside the excavation chamber. Instead of trying to kill Zaballa quickly, stand near the Tesla coil and let her attack power the coil. This part can be risky, so I recommend using baits or monkey bombs to distract zombies away from the coil.

Tesla coil in excavation chamber

Once the coil is charged, you’ll get an audio prompt, and you can then retrieve the final vacuum tube part, which is on the table next to the giant coil you just charged. Back at the workbench in Storage, you can now craft the Wunderwaffe DG-2 Wonder Weapon yourself.

Step 2: Find the boulder, remove the vine

The vine-covered boulder outside the doctor’s quarters

Go to Doctor’s Quarters Exterior and find a vine-covered boulder. You need to kill the Boom Schreiers, the Vanguard’s explosive enemy type, next to the boulder to remove all the vines. Boom Schreiers have special waves similar to the Cerberus rounds on the original Shi No Numa map. Their first appearance is the fifth round, which will be the easiest time to complete this step. If you miss this opportunity, a future wave of Boom Schreiers will come in later rounds.

Step 3: Unlock the password

Enter the doctor’s dormitory building and find the paper with some symbols that look like Chinese letters. The paper only shows half the symbols. You need a molotov cocktail or thermite to throw the paper, because you need fire to display the full list of symbols. These items are randomly dropped when killing zombies, so you probably already have what you need. However, you can also craft equipment on a workbench.

Full list of required symbols, so you can bypass the Molotov step and use this image if needed

Location of password wheel parts:

  • In the room on the far right of the doctor’s quarters
  • On a table in the dorm, on the lower level of the main cabin
  • On the table directly in front of the Pack-a-Punch machine at Dig Site

Next, place the three code fragments you just collected on the boulder. The code needs to be entered here, and each wheel needs a symbol. To find these three symbols, you need to find three sheets of paper around the map that contain the desired Kanji symbols. You need paper and pen to draw them or take screenshots.

notes: The required symbols change each match, so you’ll always need to do this step to solve the overall cipher. However, the location where you can find the paper with the desired symbol is always the same.

Symbol location:

  • On a table in the excavation room area on the lower level of the main house
  • On the table with the radio in the communication room
  • At Dig Site’s workbench

Symbol locations in the excavation chamber, keep in mind that your symbols may differ from the image shown

The symbols in the excavation room may be hidden under some white paper. Shoot or melee the table to discover symbols.

warn: To complete this step and move on, you need to have your Wunderwaffe DG-2 ready. If you continue without it, you will fail the next part of the mission.

Using the list of symbols you originally found in the doctor’s quarters, you’ll get a new symbol to enter into the boulder’s password. Take each of the three Kanji symbols you find and find them in the list. Everyone has a second symbol to the right. You will use these three new symbols on the right as your password.

Enter three symbols by spinning each disc

Enter them into each top middle position on the disc, which is done by rotating the cipher disc to align the three symbols in vertical rows from top to bottom.

Step 4: Lock with Wonder Weapon

Do this step as soon as possible, and be sure to upgrade your guns and gain perks. Be sure to check out our full Shi No Numa perk guide to locate each fountain. Again, magic weapons are needed here.

Once the code is entered into the boulder, the small stone pillar glows red and can interact with everything around the boulder. Everyone in the game will shine. One is a solo, two are a duo, and so on. Each player must simultaneously interact with their pillars to trigger the lock on that area.

All players in the match must activate the stone pillar

A wave of zombies will attack you. Whether you try it solo or in a team, the one with the magic weapon must shoot the zombies surrounded by blue smoke. Zombies highlighted in blue are faster and more aggressive, so any extra teammates can help by killing regular zombies and protecting the player with the Wunderwaffe DG-2. You also want to make sure these blue zombies are killed near boulders, so I also recommend using baits and/or monkey bombs to attract zombies closer to the area.

This step can feel difficult, and it will only get harder as you progress through the round. However, if you fail, you can repeat this step on the next round. Completing it successfully will give you a mini cutscene.

Step 5: Get Flogger Juice and Mirror Shards

Opposite Shi No Numa’s whipping trap is an object that looks like a broken perk fountain. You’ll want to gather some zombies and lure them into active Flogger traps. A lasher kill will fill this fountain with ‘lash juice’, which you can then drink to gain special vision.

Whipped juice will fill this fountain

With Augmented Vision in Juice, you’ll want to quickly run around the map looking for two mirrors. These can float in or around any building on the map. They were very visibly floating in the air, with a water-colored glow all around them. You may also find a red orb. Finding one of the spheres will lead you to the mirror.

If time runs out and vision disappears, you can repeat this step at any time as needed. You just need to kill more zombies with the whip to refill the fountain with juice.

Step 6: Charge the Podium and Shoot the Sphere

Take the two mirrors collected to the dig site. Here, you’ll interact with the podium in the center of the site to place pieces. Glowing orbs appear after interacting with the podium. Each player in the match gets a sphere. So, you will only see one sphere in a single player game, but I have two spheres for a double game.

podium at the excavation site

Each player must approach and interact with a sphere at the same time. The sphere will then float up and fly away. Each player must chase and shoot their sphere 3 times, the sphere will move after each shot. Just shoot, follow and repeat until you’ve done this 3 times. If this step fails, you need to wait and try again in the next round.

After completing this step, you’ll interact with the Dig Site’s podium again, but this time triggering a boss fight.

Make sure to have your allowance. It’s not a terribly difficult boss fight, but you’ll want to pack your magic weapon at least once for extra ammo and increased damage. For non-magic weapons, the Einhorn shotgun is still the best overall weapon among zombies.

Step 7: Boss Battle

Shi No Numa’s boss battles take place in three rounds. Bosses are immune when they appear at the start of combat. The first round of boss fights works similar to the lock on step 4, you need to shoot the blue zombies with your magic weapon, but here you need to shoot the blue zombies near the podium.

After this step, blue bubbles will engulf the area. You’ll want bosses in this area to make her vulnerable to your attacks. Shoot her until she is immune again in the second round.

The second round will work very similarly to the first, except that the blue enemies you’ll need to shoot with your magic weapon from the podium will be Boom Schreiers. Once you do that, the blue bubbles will engulf the area again and you can damage the boss. Rinse and repeat the third and final round and it will feature Vanguard’s heavy minigun wielding enemy type as the blue zombies you need to kill with your magic weapon. Finish draining her boss’ health and you’ll complete Shi No Numa’s main storyline Easter egg. You’ll be rewarded with cutscenes and calling cards.


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