CoD: Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Event - All Rewards and Details

CoD: Warzone Mercenaries of Fortune Event – All Rewards and Details


Call of Duty Season 4 is now live on Warzone, and there’s a limited-time Mercenary of Fortune event to help celebrate the new season’s content. Here, we break down all the details and the rewards you can earn by participating.

Wealth Mercenary Group event start time and details

Warzone’s Mercenary of Fortune event is running for a limited time as the seasonal event runs until July 7th. During this time, players can complete a set of eight challenges at Fortune Castle and Crater. Each challenge locks a cosmetic, but completing all eight challenges will unlock a special Warzone vehicle skin.

All challenges and rewards

  • cruel: Kill 50 players on Fortress of Fortune.Rewards False Prospector Weapon Camo
  • casting: Open the mercenary vault.Rewards Fang Raid Badge
  • road trip: Get 25 kills or assists in a vehicle.Bonus Gold Nugget Weapon Charm
  • Gilded Victor: Win 1 gold loot game.Rewards Venom Calling Card
  • Storage organization: Kill 100 people in Storage Town on Caldera Island.Rewards Death Prospector camouflage
  • purse: Collect $100,000 in cash at Fortune’s Keep.Bonus Venom Approval Sticker
  • Pocket Sand: Dig up three buried treasures in Fortress of Fortune.Rewards evil deed weapon charm
  • crazy shopping: Buy five items from the black market.Rewards Scaled Snipe Crosshairs

Completing all eight challenges will unlock the extremely rare “The Vault” golden vehicle skin for Season 4’s new armored SUV.

In addition to the new Fortune’s Keep map, Caldera also received major landscape changes from the Fortune’s of Mercenaries update. Be sure to check out our guide for all the updates and new POIs for Season 4 Caldera.

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