CoD: Warzone Season 4 Map Changes: Updated Caldera POI and Storage Town

CoD: Warzone Season 4 Map Changes: Updated Caldera POI and Storage Town

Call of Duty Season 4 is now live in Warzone, alongside an update to Fortune’s Mercenaries, and in addition to a brand new Fortress of Fortune map, the crater landscape has seen some major changes. Here, we highlight some of the places you might want to visit in your next Warzone match.

Caldera has lost the Skull Island theme from the Godzilla and Kong events in season 3, and the dig site’s monster bones were fully excavated and removed from the area. Season 4 Mercenaries of Fortune also cleared a small patch of jungle for several small mercenary camp locations, offering loot opportunities in these small tent clusters.

It’s also worth noting that Season 4 brought huge changes to Caldera’s map, including drastically improving visibility by removing 50% of the island’s vegetation. You may notice better visibility as many small shrubs and plants have been scraped away.

Warehouse Town Returns

Warehouse Town

Probably one of the most popular locations in Caldera Season 4 is the addition of Storage Town, which was originally a popular location on the old Verdansk map. Much of the layout of this pioneer-themed warehouse town remains the same as the original, and you’ll find this unforgettable location tucked away on a hillside southwest of Mines.


Capital Roof Changes

Caldera’s Capital has been updated with a new way to traverse city buildings. There are now scaffolding and bridges linking the buildings together to allow easier access to the roof and allow players to engage in combat.

excavation site

excavation site

Caldera’s Dig Site, which was previously filled with monster bones, has been updated to show that the bones have been excavated. This Season 4 change provides less cover and a clearer view for those who choose to come here.


Arsenal’s Dry Dock

For Season 4, Caldera’s Armory has added a ship to the area’s once-empty dry dock. This ship offers new looting opportunities and potential close combat.


Peak with nearby industrial area

Caldera’s Peak has been overhauled with a new enhanced look for Season 3, but Season 4 looks set to continue improving the area. New stairs have been added to facilitate movement around the area, and while it’s not the main POI, a new industrial area has been added north of the top of the hill, bringing more looting opportunities to the surrounding area.


Dock removal water

While the pier is essentially the same in terms of architectural structure, the landscape of the area is now easier to traverse and contains clearer sightlines as the water on the island is removed. Most of Caldera’s water has receded in season 4, which has been explained by the drought caused by the recent heatwave. The change is most pronounced at the marina, but the island’s rivers and ponds are expected to dry up.

Bunker passage

underground bunker

All seven of Caldera’s hatches are still available in Season 4, but are now controlled by NPC mercenaries, and you’ll need keycard items to access them. You can get a random keycard from item drops in supply crates as a reward for completing a contract, or loot one from a dead enemy. Once you open the bunkers with your keycard, you can expect similar vault loot to past seasons, including piles of cash, high-rarity weapons, gear, and more.

It’s also important to note that the keycard is tied to the player who picked it up, and can only be used once in any of the seven locations. If you need help finding all the hatches, here is our Caldera hatch location guide.

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