Magic: The Gathering's latest series is a black city for crime families

Exclusive Magic: Party Cards Revealed: The Hustler’s Plan

Exclusive Magic: Party Cards Revealed: The Hustler’s Plan

With the latest Magic series, the demonic leader of a mafia family rules a gleaming black city. On this plane, the five families are central to the story and mechanics, with similar trichromatic functions to past examples. Like the shards and clans in Shards of Alara and Khans of Tarkir, their identities and styles are at the heart of the expansion. There’s definitely a cool factor this time around, too, from the ghostly limousines to the fancy parties thrown by the Cabareti family.

Several revealed cards have already made a splash – including the final five of the ten “trilogy” ground cycle – and we’re entering the spoiler Commander phase, where we’ll learn Wizards of the Coast as King of the Table Magic has something good in store.

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Great spells are the cornerstone of the Commander, and the schemes of the crooks are ready to thwart theirs. Perhaps the funniest part of the scammer scheme is that it lets you make choices. If you don’t think the spell is important, you can wave it at the party, with an island-powered bouncer working at your kitchen table like a high-society party. However, if you’re worried about a spell, you can reveal the card and see if it matches – a high-stakes mini-game if you’re faced with a key spell that you don’t want to deal with.

There are many interesting ways to build or include Swindler’s Scheme in Commander. One way is to include it in your opponent’s strategy for cards you don’t want to cast because they don’t do them any favors or actively hurt them. But probably the best way is to restructure and stack your deck with cards like Scroll Rack, Mystic Forge, Precognition Field, and Sensei’s Divining Top to deal with enemy spells. You can even bargain and trade good spells for bad spells if you think you can trust them.

Streets of New Capenna hits MTG Arena on April 28, a day before the April 29 paper version. Starting April 22, a pre-release event will give you early access to the hard copy. You can learn more about the set’s story and mechanics in our Magic: The Gathering: The Gathering Streets of New Capena preview.

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