Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenge: How to Unlock Free Fall Guys, Fortnite and Rocket League Rewards

Fall Guys Crown Clash Challenge: How to Unlock Free Fall Guys, Fortnite and Rocket League Rewards

The Fall Guys Crown Clash is underway, and over the course of the nearly two-week event, you’ll have the chance to earn free cosmetic rewards in Epic’s triple live-service games Fortnite, Fall Guys, and Rocket League, simply by completing in-game challenges . In order to earn rewards in all three games, you just need to actually play Fall Guys, but you also need to make sure all three games are linked to each other through your Epic Games login. If you haven’t already, follow our Fall Guys cross-process guide. Here, you’ll find all the challenges to complete, as well as the rewards you’ll get for ticking all the boxes in each match.

Fall Guys Crown Clash details and challenges

Crown Clash is now live Ends July 11. Five Fall Guys challenges must be completed to earn all rewards in all games. While Fall Guys rewards are limited to Kudos (the game’s free currency available in the item store), you’ll unlock new skins and sprays in Fortnite, as well as new wheels and enhancements in Rocket League. Here’s the full list along with some visuals so you can see what you’re chasing.

Here’s a Rocket League and Fortnite reward, depending on how many rounds of Fall Guys you’ve completed during the Crown Clash Event!

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  • Play 10 rounds on any show – 300 Kudos in Fall Guys / Stacked Spray in Fortnite / Colorful Dog Banners in Rocket League
  • Play 20 rounds on any show – 500 Honor in Fall Guys / Stacked With Love emoji in Fortnite / Colorful Dog Hats in Rocket League
  • Play 40 rounds in any show – 800 Kudos in Fall Guys / Sweet Clementine Pickaxe in Fortnite / Medium Rare Wheels in Rocket League
  • Play 70 rounds on any show – 1000 Kudos in Fall Guys / Waffler back bling in Fortnite / Cluster Buster decals in Octane: Rocket League
  • Play 100 rounds in any show – 1200 Honor in Fall Guys / Main Mancake Skin in Fortnite / Fallout Boost in Rocket League

The challenge is straightforward and requires only a time commitment. You don’t need to win anything or even be good at the game. In theory, you could get eliminated in Fall Guys 100 rounds in a row and still get all 15 rewards in three matches. While these rewards aren’t tied to Fall Guys as fans expected — still waiting for Bean to return to myself — we can reasonably assume that will happen. Now, get in there as much as you can and unlock these rewards – they’ll be gone on July 11th. receive a commission from retail offers.

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