Latest Apex patch fixes Loba, but breaks legendary abilities

Latest Apex patch fixes Loba, but breaks legendary abilities


Respawn Entertainment released a massive update to Apex Legends this week, but it looks like the patch could cause more problems than it solves.

The patch – which has no patch notes other than a vague mention of “stability improvements” – appears to address an issue with Loba Tactics, which has been broken for nearly 50 days. The latest update may also be aimed at addressing input lag issues that have plagued Xbox players since Patch 13.1 was released last week.

While we can confirm that Loba’s band appears to be working as expected now, many players claim that input lag issues still persist. Additionally, the party chat issue that Xbox users have been experiencing for over three months does not appear to be resolved with the latest update. To make matters worse, new bugs are starting to appear – including one that destroys players’ inventories and prevents them from using Legendary abilities after the replicator is made.

While it’s unclear if the production bug will affect all platforms, comments on the official Apex Legends subreddit suggest the issue is widespread, with some players reporting issues with healing items and expressing disappointment with the current state of the game. Some players pointed out that a bug that prevented players from buying Valkyrie’s heirloom weapons was fixed within an hour of the update going live.

Respawn has yet to acknowledge the Replicator bug, although they did fix the input lag issue on Twitter.Electronic Arts has said before More information on the Xbox Series X|S audio issues will be posted on social media, although no such confirmation has yet emerged. It’s unclear if or when the patch notes for this week’s update will be released. receive a commission from retail offers.

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