New Animated Short for Apex Legends Mobile Reveals Fade's Past

New Animated Short for Apex Legends Mobile Reveals Fade’s Past

New Animated Short for Apex Legends Mobile Reveals Fade’s Past


One of Apex Legends Mobile’s biggest draws is its mobile-exclusive legend, Fade, whose history can only be uncovered by collecting Fade Chips and piecing together his past in the mobile game. But today, that all changes with the release of “Meet Fade,” a fully animated short in the style of an Outland story that details the backstory of the new saga.

The player gets a general gist of Fade’s history through his in-game creatures (later updated with more info) and collecting Fade Chips, which reveal most of the details. But Respawn seems to understand the value of introducing new characters through animated shorts, especially for players who may not have completed in-game quests to unlock Fade’s backstory, or who didn’t start playing Apex Mobile until after the event.

The short itself doesn’t reveal much new information, but it does give players a closer look at how Fade’s simulacrum suit heist failed — and how it went sideways. Fade (real name Ignacio Huamani), his father and his brother are all former mercenaries turned treasure hunters. After tracking down a crashed IMC cargo ship, Ignacio immediately tried it on — much to the dismay of his brother, who had stolen the suit to sell to a client.

Moments later, the family was ambushed by mercenaries. Knowing they were doomed, Ignacio’s father removed a strange-looking dog tag, threw it at Feder’s brother Luis, and instructed the brothers to flee. Luis had to pull Ignacio out of the firefight when the soon-to-be legend yelled “Dad!” In one heartbreaking scene, it’s very similar to Loba’s reaction to seeing her father murdered by Revenant.

Fade tries on a simulacrum suit before his family is ambushed.

Luis and Ignacio failed to escape from the crashed ship in time, and Luis jumped up to take a bullet for Fade, dying in his brother’s arms as the mercenaries approached. Following his brother’s last words, Fade escaped, disappearing safely into the void using the phantom suit.

But unlike Wraith’s Phase Tech, Fade allows him to travel through space and time. By the time he left the Void, the bodies of his family had disappeared, leaving only his father’s dog tag. Unfortunately, the mercenaries who killed them are still lurking, knowing that Fade will eventually return. He quickly dispatched all but one of his mercenaries, demanding that man tell him whose orders he was following so he could hunt down the man who killed his family. The mercenary refuses, telling Ignacio he’d better hand over the suit, because the man who sent the mercenaries to hunt down the Fade family is “not the kind of guy you’re looking for.”

Fade’s father’s dog tag, which he recovered after his family was killed

Fade disagreed, killing the last of the mercenaries on the spot and announcing his intention to find out who was behind his family’s murder by showing off his Phantom suit in Apex Games. Not sure what’s going to happen next for Fade, but he’s sure to get the attention he wants – Apex games are broadcast throughout Outland, and seeing that sim suit is sure to get some attention.

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