Quarry has 186 endings, everyone can survive

Quarry has 186 endings, everyone can survive


Until Dawn developer Supermassive’s latest game, The Quarry, has a branching storyline that leads to a plethora of possible endings. Director Will Byers told IGN that “The Quarry” has 186 different endings, depending on the player’s choice of the game’s nine protagonists.

“We’ve designed 186 different endings for these characters — not just living or dead — and they can change all the time,” Byles said.

Quarry tells the story of the last day of summer camp, when a group of teen counselors at Hackett Quarry Camp was throwing a party. It ended up being a horrible, bloody night. Just like Until Dawn, players will make choices as to what happens to each of the nine camp advisors. Any character can die. Or, they can all live.

Byles explained that The Quarry’s branching narrative is a “mathematical nightmare” that contains a “ridiculous” amount of data for the game to scrutinize.

The director also talked about how the actors shoot about 50 pages of script every day, which is unheard of in the traditional film and television industry. “Actors are used to a 100-page script in a feature film. But with this one, it’s over 1,000 pages. So they’re going to be very alarmed,” Byers said.

Quarry launches June 10 on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. It’s separate from developer Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures anthology series – the next chapter in that story is The Devil In Me, released this year.

The cast includes David Arquette, Justice Smith, Skyler Gisondo and Brenda Song, among others. You can see the full cast below.

The Quarry Cast

  • David Arquette as Chris
  • Ariel Winter as Abigail
  • Brenda Song as Caitlin
  • Evan Ivagora as Nick
  • Halston Sage as Emma
  • Justice Smith as Ryan
  • Miles Robbins as Dylan
  • Siobhan Williams as Laura
  • Skyler Gisondo as Max
  • Zach Tinker as Jacob
  • Ethan Supley as Bobby
  • Grace Zabriskie as Eliza
  • Lance Henriksen as Jedediah
  • Lin Shaye as Constance
  • Ted Raimi as Travis receive a commission from retail offers.

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