Savathun is Destiny 2's only environmentalist, so of course we murdered her

Savathun is Destiny 2’s only environmentalist, so of course we murdered her

Savathun is Destiny 2’s only environmentalist, so of course we murdered her


Destiny 2’s universe is brutal – set in a dangerous future where humanity must contend with countless alien threats. Every day the enemy threatens to crash a massive satellite into Earth’s last fortress.Because of this, environmental protection isn’t as big a deal as it should be, and for Earth Day in real life, we acknowledge the reality of the Witch Queen’s expansion: it forces us, as guardians, to kill an environmentalist—Sauvette.

Players have longed for Savathun’s arrival in Destiny 2, but in response to the threat of the Witch Queen, the Guardians also unknowingly killed the only protectionist we had in Destiny. Even though she’s spent thousands of years destroying planets and humans in the universe, Savathun’s version of Lightbearer is imbued with the most resource-conscious traits of anyone in the game.

The story of the witch queen portrays Savathun as a ruthless witch who ignores her true environmental intentions and goes out to get the Guardian.She upgraded her entire throne world using light in a few days, and the final city is still Trying to fix the Destiny One tower even though the Traveler is right in front of them. Savathun even tries to save the travelers in her throne world from witnesses, but the guardians are only Have Stop her — in fact, she’s setting an example for players that old tech doesn’t need to end up in landfills.

Savathun’s rain collector in her Throne World/s

She uses Holy Light to reuse her dead hive as a Lucent Den, store light energy in her Apothecary’s eco-friendly glass jar, and protect the wildlife of her Throneworld. She created a sustainable infrastructure by placing a giant rainwater collector next to a fluorescent canal to provide flowing water to the entire world of Thrones. Some Deepsight Tier 2 enthusiasts have “memories” that even allow you to revive tree stumps – regenerate trees!

When Savathun and her Lucent Brood defeated the Guardians, even the Vanguard was deprived of the comprehension to see how amazing she had accomplished with renewable energy – turning dead Guardians into void crystal energy. No other character in Destiny 2 uses organic materials like she does, and I don’t think Hive Tombships have emissions due to Hive magic. However, characters like the militaristic and industrialized Cabal Queen Caiatl have more support from the Vanguard. Why Saladin makes sense now – in season of resurrection – her Valus Forge; the Iron Banner fire alone could cause a lot of pollution.

Hundreds of years later, Voyager hasn’t even cleaned up random, possibly radioactive debris from the EDZ, but is Savathun bad? /s

Beating Savathun was frustrating when Savathun was our only environmentally conscious character in Destiny’s story, and every time I see her green intro screen, I remember how many icons we’ve lost. We should follow Savathun’s example – protect plants, provide habitat for animals and insects, eliminate the environmental impact of your business, and make sure your army of minions is recyclable. receive a commission from retail offers.

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