Skull and Bones could be released in November, leak says

Skull and Bones could be released in November, leak says

Ubisoft’s long-standing pirate game Skull and Bones now appears to have a release date, or at least a rumored one. Details from the putative Xbox Store listing point to a November 8 release. The listing spotted by @ALumia_Italia on Twitter also suggests that – basically like other Ubisoft games – Skull and Bones will offer a variety of extras.

According to the leak, that includes some sort of pre-order bonus and multiple additional quests called Legacy of Bloody Bones and Corsair of Ashes. The leaked listing apparently says there will also be a digital soundtrack and artbook, as well as a “premium” bonus pack.reporter Tom Henderson replied to ALumia_Italia’s tweet Seems to confirm the rumored November 8 release date.

An announcement from Skull & Bones is coming soon. The Xbox Store listing is ready, some examples:
2) Inheritance quest of the bloody bones
3) Ash Pirates Mission
4) Smuggling Pass Token
5) Digital Soundtrack and Artbook
6) Premium Bonus Package

— Aggiornamenti Lumia (@ALumia_Italia) June 28, 2022

According to the reporter Ethan Garher, Skull and Bones was originally targeted to launch in early summer, then it was pushed back to September and then again to November, according to the latest leaks. Gach also said that a closed beta for Skull and Bones was supposed to take place in June, but the plan was apparently scrapped.

Gach said Skull and Bones will finally be released in November, in part because of an “existing government subsidy agreement” between Ubisoft and Singapore, where the game is made.

Skull And Bones was announced at E3 2017, but its road to launch hasn’t been smooth sailing. The game is said to have undergone many changes throughout development, including a move to a live service approach in 2020.

In April, a lengthy gameplay video emerged from the Skull And Bones tech test, offering the best look at what the Pirates game could look like and what it’s going to offer. Since then, the game has been rated for release in several regions, including North America, suggesting that the game could launch in the relatively near future.

Ubisoft will reportedly host an E3-like event later this year, which could be where the company will reveal more about Skull and Bones, or possibly sooner. receive a commission from retail offers.

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