Sony's suggested delay could point to 2023 PS VR2 release

Sony’s suggested delay could point to 2023 PS VR2 release

Sony’s suggested delay could point to 2023 PS VR2 release

It’s a sad day for anyone dabbling in PlayStation 5 gaming, especially those sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for high-end VR to grace the console gaming world. Back in January, we welcomed PS5 owners to a high-end VR party, but it seems like we might have gone a bit too far.

As reported by KitGuru, supply chain analyst Ross Young recently revealed on Twitter that shipments of VR displays rose an unprecedented 50% this year to about 15 million units. But Young also mentioned by the way that despite the “delays from Sony and Apple,” KitGuru believes that means PS VR2 will be delayed until 2023.

VR display shipments will grow >50% to >15 million in 2022, despite Apple and Sony delaying to 2023. The Great Leap Forward is expected in 2023. 11, 2022

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Since PlayStation hasn’t made any official announcements of this kind, we can’t verify that this is the case. Technically, PS VR2 never had an official release date, so “delayed” is likely the wrong word here. However, we expect it to launch before the end of the year, despite previous speculation that a Q1 2023 release window was more realistic.

Accompanying Young’s tweet, an analysis of DSCC shows a healthy uptake of new AMOLED panels used in high-end VR headsets, such as the 4K HDR panels expected for the PS VR2. Each eye has a resolution of 2,000 x 2,040 and a PPI of 1,001.

It noted that over 800 PPI is “an all-time high for mass-produced AMOLED.”

While the increase in shipments may indicate pressure on the VR display market, that doesn’t mean PS VR2 has been delayed. We’ll have to wait for an official comment from Sony before making any concrete comments on the matter. But it all sounds pretty positive for the future of high-end console VR, at least to us. If more games are designed for high-performance virtual reality headsets, they have a better chance of appearing on PC.

Of course, if Sony decides to let us have fun, anyone looking to use the PS VR2 with their prized gaming PC will be happy to hear that its USB Type-C connection might make it a relatively seamless integration.

When I say fun, I mean inside-out and eye-tracking, 90/120Hz refresh rate, 110-degree field of view, and latency expected to be in the 2.2ms range. And with center point rendering, the headset’s internal processor won’t have to work as hard.

Granted, it still falls short compared to the best VR headsets, but if you’re packing both a PS5 and a PC, it could be a great way to take advantage of both without buying another VR headset.

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