System Shock rework shown in new trailer

System Shock rework shown in new trailer


Nightdive Studios has been working on a remaster of the landmark 1994 immersive simulation system shock, and we got a full look at it today during the PC Gamer Show.

The trailer showcases a lot of gameplay and is voiced by the game’s antagonist SHODAN. The biggest and most striking element of the remake is its vastly improved visuals. The trailer shows footage outside of the castle space station, gunfights, various enemies, different locations on the station, and a little bit of cyberspace.

Warren Spector also participated in the show discussion contest. Spector is mostly known as the director of the original Deus Ex, and the creator of the Epic Mickey series. Spector was the producer of the original System Shock and spoke about the remake’s improved visuals. “We did our best,” Spector said of the original game, which “was primitive at the time.” He also mentioned how confusing the original game’s user interface was, lamenting that when you launched the original game, it presented you with a screen full of text. Spector also said that “SHODAN is too close to reality right now,” but he hopes System Shock remains fictional, even in 2022.

Nightdive didn’t provide a release date for the remake, but a demo of the game is available on Steam. receive a commission from retail offers.

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