The Quarry's Best Ending Guide: How To Save Everyone

The Quarry’s Best Ending Guide: How To Save Everyone

The Quarry is the latest narrative horror game from Till Dawn maker Supermassive Games. After all the campers went home, Quarry saw a group of camp counselors enjoying a night at camp last night, but something was not right. Throughout the quarry, you will need to make choices and complete quick events to keep the advisor alive. This guide will help you get through the night without anyone but villains, biting the dust. It’s important to follow the guidelines as closely as possible, as even screwing up a choice or QTE can result in character death. Spoilers ahead.


The prologue opens with Laura and Max in the car together. Before you leave the vehicle, there is a quick QTE associated with the map. Outside the car, go to the trunk and open it, Laura will find a rejection letter in it. Laura will talk to Max, you should choose Compliance options. Laura will follow the main path briefly through the woods. Once back in the car, Police Travis will approach you and you should choose the following dialogue options; honesty, honesty, kindness, obedience, and Breathed a sigh of relief.

Laura and Max went to Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp despite telling police they would be going to the motel instead of the camp. After a short cutscene, go downstairs and look in the direction your car’s headlights are pointing.Laura wants to break in, you should choose take a wrench and confident Dialogue selection. The two will go into cover and Max will be attacked.Choose an option help max The prologue will end.There will be a cutscene with narration before the first chapter, choose move on.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 begins with the camp counselor saying goodbye to the campers.While waving goodbye, the campers will talk to each other and you will see a dialogue option, select reflective options. You will now pay as Jacob and can move around. Pick up the luggage on the stairs and go forward, where you will talk to Caitlin.Here you need to choose naughty, naughty, and brave. After that you will need Steal the swivel arm. Then there will be a QTE event to answer the call and the conversation ends friendly match Dialogue options.

You will now switch to Abigail hanging out with Emma.There will be a quick QTE and then you need to choose break in options.Go left, pick up the teddy bear, and select accept. Now go to the end of the area where Emma hangs out.When talking to Emma, ​​the order is Enthusiasm, QTE, Scenic Route, and support.

Afterwards, you will return with the team you should be heading to nudge, friendly, supportive, and understand. Now, camp director Chris Hackett shows up, and Ryan follows him to his office, where Chris takes a you need Eavesdropping, caring, apologizing, and curious.

The two go out, there will be Two QTEsfollowed by the conversation you need to select obedience, persistence, support, and unwilling. At the end of this chapter, you will need to select again move on Narrator’s options.

chapter 2

Each chapter ends with a review by the narrator.

The chapter starts with you playing as Emma and you need to choose kick the door when prompted. This is an area that you can explore, but doesn’t have any necessary items that you need to interact with.Instead go to the door you will be calling Call Jacob. In the room, Jacob will pick up the beer, you should pick up a shotgun There is a security code on it. Leave the room and walk towards the exit.Using the safe code Emma will automatically open the safe where you need to choose leave fireworks and affectionate.

Next, we go to Dylan and Ryan in Chris’s office.choose friendly match option, and you can explore the room as Dylan. Again, there is no necessary interaction here, so continue to move to the door next to the shotgun on the wall, which will prompt the QTE.Interact with and choose from the wardrobe mischief Select and inspect all the items in the wardrobe.After that, go back to your charging phone on Chris’s desk and select go to the party Option to move on.

Next up is Nick and Abigail taking a walk in the woods.You will see a fork in the road, go to Stone road. After walking a short distance you will get a cutscene where you need to choose uncertain options.Go down the stairs to the next cutscene Sincerely, QTE, QTE, and joy.

Caitlin has a quick scene by the lake QTE, severe, and Stern. What follows is a quick scene with Nick and Jacob full of hopeand then an event where you have to shoot melons with (can’t fail) gloat At the end.The chapter ends at the campfire you need to choose Interrupt, truth, naughty, Caitlin, and mischief. The chapter ends with the narrator.

Chapter 3

This starts with Abigail, who needs to move forward and out of the woods to trigger a cutscene with Nick.this cutscene call back, honest, discreet, kiss, The monster will then attack Nick.from now on Failed QTE may result in character death, so be you need Help Nick, QTE, run, smash, don’t climb trees, and Hold your breath. If successful, the monster will leave without biting Abigail.

What follows is a cutscene of Jacob and Emma talking, but nothing to choose from. After that, you can move around as Jacob. Go to the houseboat and interact with Emma to advance, starting a conversation.When talking to Emma, ​​your choice should go to Passionate, Don’t Splash, Flirt, Dive, Catch, QTE, Untangle. Next is Ryan’s scene, where you need to choose worry, confident, shortcut, qte, shortcut, qte, shout, and shooting. This leads to a quick scene with Jacob before the end of the chapter where you need to choose Do not shout, smash, implore, and Don’t throw dirt.

Chapter 4

It takes some perfect QTE skills to keep everyone alive.

Next up is Ryan’s cutscene where you’re examining Nick’s you need Pressure, smash, dismiss, call, don’t shoot, don’t shoot, question, let go, QTE. If you choose to shoot, you will kill Jacob. Next is Emma walking around the island. There are two paths, both leading to the tree house. Once inside the tree house, you can choose to open the trapdoor or search for the need to search the bag, use the taser, and Take a picture monster.still in the tree house, you need QTE, Smash, Spray, QTE, QTE, Block Door, Use Trapdoor, QTE, QTE, Smash. This causes Emma to close the trapdoor so the monster can’t get in and kill her.

Next, you play as Dylan, entering a building with several other characters.Here you need to choose optimistic, hopeful, determined, suspicious, calm, defensive, and give a gun. We go back to Emma, ​​there are only two things you need to do before the end of this chapter, roll slowly and don’t speed upThen the chapter ends.

Chapter 5

The chapter begins with a conversation between Nick and Abigail, where you need to choose Thank you not to say, and reassuring. We cut to Caitlin in the cabin, what you need to do QTE, QTE, hold your breath, QTE, The game then returned to Nick and Abigail.Here you need Confident, curious, hidden, and hold your breath.

Next is Dylan and Ryan walking towards the cabin.There are no options here until you get to the hotel, you need to choose confident. There are a bunch of options in there that you need to choose when they are attacked by monsters.The process here is interested, concerned, sorry, don’t shoot, aggressive, self-confident, calm, hopeless, chainsaw, and uncertain. After that, there are no more options, and the rest of the cutscene wraps up the chapter.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 begins with Jacob wandering around. Go right and you’ll meet Emma, ​​which starts a you need to go Glad, Apology, QTE, Hide, Hold your breath, and pry open. Next we move quickly to Kettering where you need to pick be compassionate, intervene, and Help Nick. Now we move to Abigail in the pool house where you can wander around.Heading to Nick Forward, where you need to choose calm and Compassionate. After that, you’ll be prompted to shoot Nick with a shotgun. shoot nick. It seems counterintuitive, but if you don’t shoot, Abigail will die, but if you shoot, Nick will turn into a monster and survive.

Now we switch to Emma who needs to walk through the forest. There are two roads ahead, but both lead to the same place, and neither of them has anything important, so go ahead. Once you reach the top of the mountain, the next cutscene you need Don’t run, reassuring, suspicious, and Interested in, This will conclude this chapter.

Chapter VII

Chapter 7 begins with Laura talking to the police in prison.In the first cutscene, the action sequence is Don’t shout, obey, obey, be curious, plead, don’t lash out, pay attention, be disappointed, obey, worry. Now you can walk around the cell. Go to the left corner and interact with the bed, where you will find a spoon. The cops come back for another cutscene, Fearful, serious, reflective, encouraging, empathetic, calm, curious, optimistic, skeptical, not seeking help, compassionate.

You can now roam freely in the police station as Laura. The most important thing here is to go upstairs into the third office, open the locker, and pick up the syringe. Feel free to explore, but nothing else in the police station is necessary. back to the cell, hidden syringe Sleep on the left wall.

Laura wakes up to film another cutscene with Travis, Honest, Confident, No Gun, Confused, Encouraged, Submissive, Empathetic, QTE, QTE, Anxious, Reassuring, Show Bite. Because you hide the syringe, you can knock down Travis without provoking Travis.What follows is a short cutscene by Jacob in which you need to choose pleading.

Chapter 8

Next is Ryan and Laura’s cutscene where you need to choose options Uncertain, curious, suspicious, cautious, compassionate, friendly, curious, reflective, compassionate. Now you will explore the cave as Lara. Go to the tunnel exit and go through the door.Next is Caitlyn’s cutscene, you need to choose honest and encouraging.

This puts you on a walk as Ryan and Laura in Hackett’s basement. Head to the tunnel with the red light to trigger the next cutscene.this stream QTE, don’t open the cage, stop Laura, help Jacob, choose breakers 1 and 2, go ahead, choose breakers 2 and 3. This freed Jacob from the cage, saving him from later death. After a few cutscenes, the chapter ends.

Chapter 9

There’s a series of short cutscenes with just a few choices.It starts with Dylan and Kaitlyn, you should choose positive and curious. Next is Abigail and Emma, ​​you should choose curious and curious.

We go back to Laura and Ryan, and Laura is arguing with the old woman.while struggling Shoot the gun, QTE, don’t pull the knife. The Old Lady dies, but since she’s part of Hackett, she doesn’t need to live for a happy ending. Ryan was stabbed here, but that’s okay. Now, as Ryan, you can move around the room. Interact with cupboards and beds. Check the left door afterwards, which triggers the next cutscene.Here you need to choose Hide, in the cupboard, hold your breath, QTE. This moves us to Laura, where you need to be hide and hold your breath.

Laura moved into a new room. Go to the door, which will lead Jediah Hackett in.In cutscenes there will be three QTE, attack, and smash, resulting in Jediah’s death. Now we move to Ryan.this sequence goes QTE, QTE, hold your breath, prick, sympathize, accept, don’t pull away.

Next up are Dylan and Caitlin from the scrapyard. You can explore and the yellow crane will advance to the next cutscene. Approaching the Yellow Crane to start the next…

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