Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes and File Sizes: Fortune's Keep Maps, Weapon Changes, Console Improvements, and More

Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes and File Sizes: Fortune’s Keep Maps, Weapon Changes, Console Improvements, and More

Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes and File Sizes: Fortune’s Keep Maps, Weapon Changes, Console Improvements, and More


The big update for Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4 arrives today, June 22, with the Fortune Mercenary Update, which introduces a new map called Fortune’s Keep. The full patch notes are out now; you can see them below.

This is another major update for Warzone; you can see the required installation dimensions below.

Warzone Update Size

  • Game console 5:
  • Playstation 4:
  • Xbox One Series X/S:
  • Xbox One:
  • personal computer:
    • 23.0 GB (Warzone only)
    • 26.1 GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare

Season 4 kicks off with a limited-time Mercenary of Fortune event, offering rewards like weapon camps, amulets, new sights, and more. Players can complete 8 challenges in Caldera and Fortune’s Keep to get all the rewards, as well as a golden skin for the armored SUV.

Season 4 also adds a new Battle Pass with 100 tiers of content, including new weapons, calling cards, and amulets. As usual, players can unlock its content faster with the Battle Pass or by paying real money. In Season 4, everyone’s Battle Pass progress will be increased by 10%.

This update also adds new modes, including Caldera’s Gold Loot. This will increase the player count to 120 (from 100) and drop more cash when the player dies. Another new mode is Fortune’s Keep Reurgence, or Resurgence on the new map. If deemed necessary based on feedback, the number of players will be the same as Respawn until Activision seeks to increase the number of players.

As for the new map, Fortune’s Keep is slightly larger than Rebirth Island and has four main attractions: Town, Smuggler’s Cove, Fortress, and Winery. The map also has new features, including a public event called Cash Pickup for Hire, where AI soldiers will attempt to airlift cash from the map. Players can try to stop them from stealing rewards. There’s also a new contract called Black Market Supply Run that requires players to find arsenals on the map. Then there’s a new sequencer grenade that applies a “visual distortion effect with floating red numbers” on the victim’s screen, as well as an “auditory debuff”.

The existing Caldera map also has some changes in Season 4, including reducing vegetation to help players have a “cleaner” line of sight. Caldera also added a new POI, Storage Town, and introduced a new map element called Micro POIs, which are smaller POIs that are now displayed on the map.

Warzone Season 4 also adds a new armored SUV, a new EMP grenade, and a portable redeployment balloon. There are also numerous changes to weapon balance and new bug fixes, as well as general improvements to console rendering performance. You can see all the tweaks below in the full patch notes shared by Raven Software. If you’re already playing, be sure to check out the Warzone Fortune’s Keep map easter eggs we’ve discovered.

Warzone Season 4 Patch Notes


Mercenaries of Fortune New Event | June 22 to July 7

This new limited-time event includes eight challenges in Caldera and Fortune’s Keep. Earn rewards like new weapon camos, crosshairs, charms, badges, stickers, and legendary animated calling cards. Complete all eight challenges to earn the coveted golden skin for the armored SUV.

  • “purse”
    • challenge:
      • Collect $100,000 in coins in Fortune’s Keep.
    • remuneration:
      • Rare “Venom Approved” Weapon Sticker
  • “cruel”
    • challenge:
      • Kill 50 players on Fortress of Fortune.
    • remuneration:
      • The legendary “False Prospector” Gold Vanguard weapon camouflage.
  • “crazy shopping”
    • challenge:
      • Buy 5 items at the Black Market Station in Fortune’s Keep.
    • remuneration:
      • Epic “Scale Sniper” Weapon Crosshair
  • “Pocket Sand”
    • challenge:
      • Dig up 3 piles of buried treasure in Fortress of Fortune.
    • remuneration:
      • Epic “Wicked” Weapon Charm
  • “Road Trip”
    • challenge:
      • Kill 5 people in vehicles.
    • remuneration:
      • The legendary “gold nugget” weapon pendant
  • “Storing dead bodies”
    • challenge:
      • Complete 25 kills in Caldera’s Storage Town.
    • remuneration:
      • Rare “Death Prospector” Gold Vanguard Weapon Camo
  • “casting”
    • challenge:
      • Open a mercenary vault in the crater.
    • remuneration:
      • Rare “Fan Assault” badge
  • “The Gilded Victor”
    • challenge:
      • Win 1 gold loot game.
    • remuneration:
      • The legendary “drug wealth” animated business card
  • event completer
    • remuneration:
    • Ultra “The Vault” Gold Vehicle Custom Skin for Armored SUV


Gold Plunder | New Crater Mode

This new limited-time mode brings a whole new dimension to the Blood Money experience:

  • Increased player count from 100 to 120
  • Drops more cash when the player dies
  • Cash required to win increased to $5,000,000
  • Visit one of the malfunctioning ATMs to earn extra $$$$
  • Look for golden key cards in ground loot to gain access to valuable bunkers

Wealth Remains Recovery | The mode of preservation of new wealth

At launch, Fortunes Keep will have the same number of players as Rebirth Regency to familiarize players with the new map and give us data on the similarity of action times on both maps. If the experience needs to be adjusted to match the rhythm of respawn, we’ll be looking to increase player counts.

  • Number of players
  • Solo: 46
  • Duets: 46
  • Trios: 45
  • Quads: 40

Plunder adjustment

  • Most wanted contracts have been removed from the loot loot pool.


Fortune Castle | new map

A brand new Warzone Resurgence Battle Royale map with stunning vistas and undiscovered riches.

This island is slightly larger than Rebirth Island and has four different new attractions:

  • town
    • Cobblestone alleys and flat roofs to traverse, an old fort in the center of the town, a coastal path with a gazebo and a cemetery.
  • Smuggler’s Cove
    • A lighthouse and a series of fishing huts above sea caves house a plethora of equipment and loot.
  • Keep
    • This medieval fortress is the island’s largest landmark, and includes a system of winding corridors, ramparts, watchtowers and tunnels.
  • winery
    • An old monastery with entrances on all sides and an underground passage close to the barracks.

This new map also comes with a whole new set of features for you to experience, including…

  • Employment cash withdrawal | new public event
    • AI units will attempt to airlift cash. Players can choose to intercept this withdrawal for rewards.
    • This event occurs on laps 2 and 4 and is indicated by flares and icons on the Tac map.
  • Black market supply runs | new contract
    • The contract will require players to track down black market buying stations before the timer expires.
    • Players will have access to unique items such as Sequencer Grenades, Nebula V Revolver Guns, Foresight, Expert Rewards, or one of several classified weapons.
  • sequencing grenade | new tactical equipment
    • This tactical grenade applies a visual distortion effect with floating red numbers on the victim’s screen, as well as an auditory debuff.
    • Players can counter this effect with the Battle Hardened Perk or by using the Stim.
    • Can only be obtained through the new black market buy station.

Crater Update

For season four, our goal is to open up the map for a clearer view and reduce visual noise on the map. This “desolate” approach to map orientation will bring new dynamics to gameplay – jungle camping will become a rarity rather than the norm, it brings added value to field upgrades like deployable bunkers, and location awareness and integration with landmarks Proximity is now a high priority.

Many of the gameplay changes made in Season 3, such as the Sniper Rebalance, Ghost Move changes, and the addition of the Serpent Perk, were made in preparation for Season 4 – know that improved map sighting needs to happen somewhere in the game. Some areas are adjusted to maintain a healthy balance of participation.

This is the most comprehensive change to Caldera since Season 1, and we’ll continue to monitor feedback and sentiment and make additional changes as necessary.

  • Warehouse Town | new point of interest
    • The return of the fan-favorite POI, Storage Town, is now available on the Tac map.
    • This POI will be used in the exclusive “Conflict” limited-time mode in Week 3 of Season 4.
  • miniature point of interest | New map elements
    • Add new micro POIs to fill the gaps between the main POIs, providing more opportunities to loot and engage.
  • Mercenary Bunker/Golden Key Card | new gameplay
    • New keycards found in ground loot give access to any of the 7 mercenary bunkers hidden on the map – represented by a yellow circle on the Tac map.
  • “Dry” Vegetation | Updated Gameplay
    • Vegetation across the crater was reduced by 50 percent.
    • Implemented a new “Dry” look to the map to provide some visual changes this season. It has the added benefit of improved performance, better player reading, and location awareness on all platforms by opening the view to landmarks. Additionally, many plant models have received quality improvements on Xbox One.
  • fighter | Updated Gameplay
    • With the positive response to the return of the fighters in Operation Emperor, we have re-enabled these vehicles for Battle Royale and will continue to monitor sentiment and engagement throughout the season.
  • arms trading post | new gameplay | seasonal
    • Weapon Trading Posts have been added to various locations in the crater, allowing players to trade their weapons for high-value loot.


new game features

  • Armored off-road vehicle | new car
    • The vehicle is equipped with a dedicated roof turret seat and additional seating for operators to use their own loaded weapons.
    • Can be obtained as a reward for completing Broken Contracts.
    • [In-Season] Nitro Boost is used for instant but limited acceleration.
  • electromagnetic pulse grenade | new tactical equipment | all modes
    • A non-lethal tactical grenade designed primarily around anti-vehicle play that can also damage enemy electronics.
    • Jamming enemy electronics and removing the HUD for 6 seconds.
    • These effects can be reduced with battle-hardened Perk.
    • Deactivate the vehicle engine for 10 seconds.
  • Broken ATM | new interactive
    • Players can choose to visit broken ATMs around the map for a guaranteed source of cash.
    • Funds are periodically generated near broken ATMs – up to a maximum if not looted.
  • Portable Redeployment Balloon | New deployable | all modes | seasonal
    • Its name is… a portable version of the popular Redeploy Balloons.
    • Can be used on the ground until it expires or is destroyed.

Quality of Life

  • Loadbox UI selection
    • In-game Loadout Crate UI selections will always start at the top of the list.

Since the cursor remembers previous selections, we often see players choose undesired loads. To prevent this, the cursor will always start at the top of the list. This will better respect the player’s muscle memory during tense moments – especially during engagements.

  • gas mask animation
    • The ‘break’ animation no longer interrupts the skydive when falling.
    • This has been updated to align with the previous update of the “Remove” animation.
  • purchase station menu
    • Added option to settings menu to allow players to remain in the purchase station menu/UI when making multiple purchases.
    • Inventory owned by the player will be displayed next to the item in parentheses.

We want to give more advanced players the opportunity to stay at the buying station when they make a purchase, so knowing how much each item is in stock becomes an important addition.

  • Deployable buying station
    • This deployable will now live longer on gas to align it with the behavior of world buy station locations.
  • big sale public event
    • Self-resurrection will now have a small associated cost similar to other items.
    • Loadout Drop Markers will now get a discount.
  • Infil POI Text
    • We’ve updated the font and color of the default Infil POI text to improve visibility in high-value loot areas.
  • Out of bounds timer
    • Increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.

We felt that the previous map boundary timers were not sufficient for players to recognize their mistakes and correct them within a reasonable time frame. We raised this slightly to be more sympathetic to the bug while making sure it wasn’t exploited.

  • Gulag…

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