What's the difference between 3DS XL and LL?

What’s the difference between 3DS XL and LL?

the difference between the New 3DS XL and New 3DS LL is the region it’s made for. in Japan they use LL in place of XL when describing sizes larger than “Large”, so for the Japanese releases of their “XL” models Nintendo uses “LL” in the name instead.

Thereof What is the difference between the 3DS XL and the New 3DS XL?

Which is bigger LL or XL? The new Nintendo 3DS LL (XL internationally) replaces the old Nintendo 3DS LL and it’s slightly thinner, larger, and 7 grams lighter than its predecessor. Both models have increased display sizes which explains the increase in dimensions for both of them. … Nintendo’s entire list of improvements is laid out below.

Regarding this What does ll stand for 3DS? LL is the Japanese XL. But no, you can’t play your EU games on it. The 3DS is region locked. 7.

Can new 3DS LL play English games?

Also, you can’t modify it to English. Even games for English or any other region cannot be play for Japanese. You can only play japanese version of games. So, actually you can change the region, and play region locked games on your Japanese 3ds.

Also Know Is the new 3DS XL better? New Nintendo 3DS XL vs 3DS XL – Price

While the XL has held its value better than the original 2011 machine, it’s still possible to pick it up at a discount – and with the New Nintendo 3DS hitting the shelves you can expect the older version to drop in price during this year.

Can I play 3DS games on 3DS XL? 3DS games are playable on both the 3DS and 3DS XL as well as both the new 3DS and new 3DS XL.

identically How old is the new Nintendo 3DS XL? In North America, the New Nintendo 3DS XL was released on February 13, 2015 , while the standard-sized New Nintendo 3DS was released later on September 25, 2015.

New Nintendo 3DS.

New Nintendo 3DS in its open position
Memory 256 MB (64MB dedicated to the OS), 10 MB VRAM
Storage 1 GB internal flash memory

Can Japanese 3DS play US games?

All 3DS XLs are region-locked. Japanese games and European games do not work properly on a North American 3DS XL, if at all. … Systems that are capable of communicating with compatible games regardless of the territory they’re manufactured in are referred to as “region free,” which the 3DS XL is not.

Also What does LL mean in 3DS XL? LL stands for Double Large. In Mexico (at least the parts I’ve been in) you’d find clothing GG and LL, both meaning double large (grande).

Can you set a Japanese 3DS to English?

Nintendo 3DS are region locked, so if you bought a Japanese 3DS it will only offer a select number of languages, excluding English. The Switch, however, is not region locked, and you can switch back and forth from Japanese to English as much as you’d like.

How many 3DS models are there? There are five main versions of the 3DS and 2DS.

Can Japanese 3DS XL play US games?

All 3DS XLs are region-locked. Japanese games and European games do not work properly on a North American 3DS XL, if at all. … Systems that are capable of communicating with compatible games regardless of the territory they’re manufactured in are referred to as “region free,” which the 3DS XL is not.

as a matter of fact Do Japanese Pokemon games work on English 3DS?

Yes, what you want to do is possible. While all 3DS software is region-locked, Nintendo DS software is not. Because that region-locking isn’t encoded into the DS software, you can play software from all regions on your 3DS.

Is 3DS still region locked? Yes, the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, Nintendo 2DS, New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL, and New Nintendo 2DS XL systems are region locked.

Why are 3DS games still so expensive? This happens to exemplify the main factor in rising game prices, both for the DS and retro game consoles, in general: scarcity. No one is mass-producing new games, much less hardware, and the backwards-compatible Nintendo 3DS was discontinued in September 2020.

What is better 2DS or 3DS?

As their names suggest, the 3DS and 3DS XL have 3D top screens, while the 2DS has no 3D whatsoever. It’s another factor that dramatically reduces the production costs of that lower-end console. Both the 3DS and 3DS XL have little sliders on the side of their screens, letting you choose the power of the 3DS effect.

Can I play DS games on switch? Yes, you can play DS games on Switch, but it will take a bit of work to be able to do this. The DS games are not going to naturally integrate into the Switch system. Therefore, you will have to use a combination of homebrew and an emulator.

What’s better 2DS or 3DS?

Pick the 3DS XL for the bigger screen. The top screens on the 2DS and 3DS measure 3.53-inches, while the 2DS XL and 3DS XL both feature larger 4.88-inch displays. … The 3DS and 3DS XL have stereoscopic, glasses-free 3D screens while the 2DS and 2DS XL are in 2D – the clues are in their names.

Can I play HeartGold on 3DS? Nintendo has actually remade these games for the DS via SoulSilver and HeartGold. DS games still work on the 3DS, so you can still play the remakes today. Those updates feature improved graphics and new features from more recent Pokémon games. … But the 3DS is still a great home for these classic games.

Can I play DS games on new 3DS XL?

The Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL are backward compatible, meaning that both systems can play nearly every single Nintendo DS game, and even Nintendo DSi titles. To play a DS game in a 3DS or 3DS XL, simply insert the game into the 3DS cartridge slot and pick the game from the 3DS main menu.

Was the 3DS a failure? Nintendo’s worst performing portable console also proved the viability of handheld games in a smartphone dominated world. … The 3DS will end its life as the worst performing Nintendo handheld; its 75 million lifetime sales place it behind the Game Boy Advance, which managed 81.5 million units over nine years.

How much did the 3DS XL originally cost?

Nintendo 3DS

Left: The original Nintendo 3DS in aqua blue (2011) Right: The Nintendo 3DS XL in black (2012)
Lifespan 2011–2020
Introductory price 3DS: ¥25,000, US$249.99, A$349.95 3DS XL: ¥18,900, US$199.99, A$349.95
Discontinued WW : September 16, 2020
Units shipped All models combined: 75.94 million (as of March 31, 2021)

Are they still making Ds? Nintendo confirmed this week that it has discontinued production on all current models of the 3DS family of portable gaming systems, which ends the platform’s life cycle after nine years.

No major devs are still making them.

Acronym Definition
DS Dual Screen (Nintendo gaming console)

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