WordleBot can help you use Wordle better

WordleBot can help you use Wordle better

WordleBot can help you use Wordle better


The New York Times released a tool to help players improve in Wordle. The tool, called WordleBot, guides players through their guesses and comes up with better guesses, reducing the number of attempts they need to complete Wordle’s daily five-letter word puzzle.

You can upload screenshots of puzzles you’ve tried, or you can open the tool in the same browser you play Wordle. Either way, WordleBot will first rate your completed puzzles based on skill and luck. Trick is reaching the minimum number of attempts required to find a solution, and luck is how many solutions your guesses have accidentally eliminated.

Wordlebot analyzes your opening words.

NYT elaborated on exactly what the luck category means, writing: “Our measure of luck represents how unexpected your guess is, depending on what we know about the solution at the time, and on average, what we expected .”

It’s also interesting that WordleBot thinks “crane” is the best opening word. However, as The New York Times points out, the really best opener really depends on the player.

After you start trying, WordleBot will go through each of your guesses and suggest what it will try. Finally, it compares your solution to its solution.

But while WordleBot promises to help you better solve Wordle puzzles, you don’t need to worry about spoilers. It doesn’t offer suggestions for unfinished games.

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