2021 Featured: Deltarune Chapter 2 How to portray disturbing dark relationships

2021 Featured: Deltarune Chapter 2 How to portray disturbing dark relationships

2021 Featured: Deltarune Chapter 2 How to portray disturbing dark relationships

As a follow-up to the popular independent game “Undertale”, Deltarune has been released in chapters, and the creator Toby Fox and his small team have completed these chapters. So far, two chapters have been available as free software on PS4, Switch, and PC-although instalments may be required in the future. Both chapters have the same alternative humor, cute characters and experimental, genre-mixed gameplay, which makes Undertale so popular, but it takes it to a new level. Although the chapters are short, they are difficult to put down, and once you start playing, it is difficult to stop until you reach the end.

Part of Undertale’s enduring charm lies in its many hidden secrets, Easter eggs, and small hints of bigger and more sinister things happening in this monster world-these hints continue to Deltarune. The path of “genocide” in Undertale takes the story into a cruel, bloodthirsty path of death and destruction-with permanent consequences for subsequent games-and has sparked a lot of discussion over the years. In Chapter 2, it feels like Deltarune is built on the dark undercurrents of Undertale. Although the story of Deltarune Chapter 1 is mostly straightforward, Chapter 2 provides players with another path of exploration-depicting a dark and disturbing story of abuse and manipulation, shocking, primitive and terrifying.

For a short period of time in Chapter 2, you parted ways with the usual party members Susie and Larsai, only to partner with Noelle, a timid deer girl with a new talent for ice magic. She basically plays the role of a mage in your team: weak, powerful attack magic. Just like Undertale, you don’t have to kill any enemies you encounter. In fact, Deltarune encourages you to create a village where all your spared enemies can live. However, you can also choose a path of violence—perhaps more disturbingly, you can manipulate Noel to join your path of destruction.

In a route called “Snow Grave” by fans, you destroy your enemies in a very special way: ask the player character Kris to order Noelle to cast her “IceShock” spell to freeze them. As more and more enemies were frozen, their frozen forms began to be scattered on the map. Eventually you will meet a shopkeeper who offers you an impossible-affordable ice spell enhancement ring… But if you repeatedly order Noelle to “get it”, somehow the item will be obtained. . Although it is not clear what Noelle did to obtain the ring, one thing is certain: She is obviously distressed by what she did.

As you freeze more and more enemies, Noelle becomes more and more obedient to Chris, as you can see in her animation and combat dialogue clips. The world has also changed, the background is malfunctioning, and there are far fewer enemies and obstacles. Usually, this part of the game needs to solve some simple environmental problems, and Noelle will try to help you solve these problems. However, in the Snow Grave route, when you encounter these problems, you will ask Noelle to solve them for you. Obviously, she was scared and worried that the current from the device would harm her, but what you said was just “continue” and at the same time let her lean on the electrical barrier.

In all this, Noelle rationalizes—tells herself that Kris is letting her do things that are good for her and helps her become stronger—for those who are in emotionally abusive relationships with friends and family, it’s irritating. A painful familiarity, a colleague, or a lover. When you get the Ring of Thorns—an item that reduces the cost of ice spells but keeps the wearer suffering painful damage—when you equip it on Noelle, she will not object, even if her life is in battle. Exhausted. In her opinion, she deserves the pain. This makes her “stronger.”

When you meet Berdly in a battle, Noelle’s attempt to numb herself to what happened to her suddenly stopped-your classmate became a certain kind of opponent-in the battle, her pain and pain Finally passed. At the climax, you order Noelle to cast the “SnowGrave” spell-she insists she doesn’t know-when you finally push her to the limit, she casts the most powerful ice spell she can assemble. It froze Berdly, presumably killing him, and after saying that she was “not feeling well”, Noelle left the party. Later, in a conversation with Susie, it was implied that Noelle had a mental breakdown.

Perhaps the most disturbing factor is that apart from what you and Noel (and possibly Susie) saw, everything else is surprisingly normal. Spamton is still complaining, Ralsei is cheerful and forgetful, the big boss Queen is upset that her theme seems to be disappearing, but still eager to talk and make some jokes. Even if you return to the home of Bright Dimension, Noelle is still visiting her sick father in the hospital, and you and Susie will spend the night. As usual, Noelle wrote it as a nightmare, even though Birdley fell asleep in the school’s computer lab and has not yet woken up. The abuse will only be admitted if you and Noelle are alone for a short time. Just like in reality, emotional abuse is usually invisible to others.

Thinking of Noelle’s pain, I still feel terrible. I will not judge anyone playing the game through this route-although most players will undoubtedly stick to the light-hearted side of Deltarune, the game’s willingness to portray this terrible emotional abuse is amazing. Many games offer “moral choices”, but few show the consequences of these choices in such a primitive and true way, which is one of the reasons why Undertale and Deltarune are so compelling. If the subsequent chapters provide a similar “dark” route, then we can see that this game not only provides bright and warm moments, but also may bring indescribable coldness and merciless cruelty-it all depends on the player’s choice . I’m not sure where Toby Fox intends to take this story next—or what options he will offer us—but he must have caught my attention. receive commissions from retail offers.

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