AGDQ just raised $1 million for charity

This year’s “Awesome Games Done Quick” got off to a good start, raising $1 million in record time. The charity event crossed the $1 million mark on the evening of January 12, with three full days remaining in the marathon run.

According to a redditor named GDQ Stats-Breakdown-Man, this was the fastest $1 million donation ever for a GDQ campaign. “I can confirm that in less than 24 hours, AGDQ22 raised the fastest $1,000,000 ever at a GDQ event,” they wrote in a post on the speedrun subreddit.

The milestone came when Blaku showed off some ridiculously difficult Rocket League custom studio levels. Moderators and commentators paused to look at the donation total, realizing they were approaching a million. The timing was perfect – as you’d expect in an event about precise timing – and when the official word came that they had crossed the threshold, everyone on the stream was properly hyped.

Here is the clip:

AGDQ still has plenty of speed running for the rest of the week, you can check the schedule here. The event ended this weekend, culminating in 89 minutes of all-boss extreme game Metal Gear Solid.

Proceeds from the event will be donated to the Cancer Prevention Foundation.

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