Apex Legends’ Mad Maggie once had a riot shield as part of her kit

Apex Legends’ Mad Maggie once had a riot shield as part of her kit

Mad Maggie, who you’ll meet in Apex Legends’ next update, aims to be an aggressive organizer. She runs faster when equipped with a shotgun, and her wrecking ball provides a speed boost to allies who fall behind. However, an earlier version of her kit was designed for a more breakthrough-focused character, who wielded a riot shield and used flashbangs. She sounds like the kind of guy who would ruin your day in Call of Duty.

Game engineer Chris Winder explained in a press release that the team is experimenting with a vandal-style character inspired by Polish winged hussars. The idea was to create a one-man SWAT team that could tackle some of the defensive legends’ ability to lock down buildings. At certain points in her initial design phase, she used flashbangs and riot shields, and had a shotgun attached to her leg that she could use to kick doors.

The kit presented a lot of challenges, as the team didn’t want something that was too powerful indoors but fairly ineffective outdoors. However, once Maggie showed up, the team felt they had the perfect legend to use the outfit due to her aggressive personality. Having someone with a solid story and background also helps answer some of the team’s questions about the design. Her fondness for shotguns is one of the few survivors, although you’ll also see some of her kit origins in the way she pushes her enemies.

Like many of the Apex Legends cast members, the tooth-spitting fighter has a deep cultural background. Narrative lead Sam Gill explained that Mad Maggie was Maori from New Zealand. You’ll hear her use common phrases like “kia ora” instead of “hello,” she has specific patches on her clothes to pay homage to her heritage, and she even has a haka tailored to her character.

For Gill, though, it was crucial to work with Māori members’ consultancies to ensure she was as “authentic” as possible. “Maggie is someone I know very well,” he said. “I’m from New Zealand, but that can be a trap and I’m trying to be as honest as possible.”

The self-proclaimed freedom fighter has a new vignette to show off her gear ahead of the release of the Defiance update.

You can follow the link to learn more about Apex Legends’ Mad Maggie abilities. Meanwhile, Apex Legends Defiance’s release date is February 8, so you won’t have to wait too long.

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