Aurelion Sol redo is not a VGU, it’s LoL’s first CGU

Aurelion Sol redo is not a VGU, it’s LoL’s first CGU


Riot has officially taken the wraps off the Aurelion Sol rework, and as many players suspected, the League of Legends champion didn’t get a traditional VGU. League of Legends’ larger hero rework tends to take the form of “visual and gameplay updates,” but Aurelion Sol is looking for something new: a comprehensive gameplay update, or CGU.

CGU means that Aurelion Sol’s toolkit is being completely rewritten from the ground up, but he retains most of his current visual identity. As the devs explained in the latest hero roadmap, Aurelion Sol’s game rate has been terrible for years, but the hero survey paints him as one of the best rendered characters in the game – so he keeps His “Models, Themes and Narratives”, but get a whole new set of mechanics.

“Our goal was to provide the Space Puppy with a brand new kit that included huge changes to VGUs like Urgot or Sion, while making sure it was still thematically in keeping with who he is already,” the developer said. staff said. “We wanted to highlight his fantasy of dragons, as we don’t think he’s doing that well at the moment. We also think our new take on his Starforge gameplay will be both spectacular and intuitive. Although things always happen changes, but our current goal is for you to have a new and improved Star Dragon sometime by the end of the year.”

After the new Aurelion Sol (probably) lands at the end of the year, Riot intends to look at feedback on the CGU to see if it applies to other heroes.

Keep an eye on the League of Legends 2022 patch schedule as we get closer to the game’s first CGU.

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